Anupama 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Vanraj Share Their Feeling Of Parenthood With Dimpy And Samar


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At the club, Samar tells his team that apart from him and Adhik, everyone are dads here. Hasmukh, Anuj, Vanraj, and Toshu say correct. Samar says he has an university of fatherhood with him and wants to learn from them. Vanraj says fatherhood is not an easy task. At home, Leela tells ladies how a child troubles them in detail. Anupaam says it’s an unique feeling which no woman wants to forgo of and asks Leela if she can go back in time and forgo her motherhood, will she. Leela says no. Anupama says pain and mother go along together; earlier during pregnancy, every mother is worried for her mother and then after the baby is born, they start crying when when a baby is hurt or having fever, etc.; when they see any woman praying at a religious place, it would be mother for sure.

Vanraj says being a father is tough task. He starts that earlier they have to prepare themselves to be strong and then worry when a baby gets ill and how they protect child always. Hasmukh says some fathers don’t believe in god, but get a taweez or protective thread from temple for their baby. Anuj and Toshu share their experience next. Anupama says being a mother is an unique feeling, Dimpy just has to hold Samar’s hand and experience it. Kinjal fixes a motherhood crown on Dimpy’s head. Vanraj tells Samar that a father has to be responsible for the child always. Samar says he is ready for that. Toshu says if the fatherhod seminar has ended, let’s party. They all say yes. Ladies dance on It’s The Time To Disco.. song atg home while men dance at the club.

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Sonu and his friends taunt that uncles are in mood. Anuj gets angry, but Vanraj asks him to ignore them. Sonu serves alcohol to his friends smuggled from out of Gujrat. Samar bumps on Sonu and apologizes. Sonu yells to lower his voice and go away from there. Samar walks away. Anupama feels uneasy. Sonu and his friends start troubling girls. Anuj gets angry, Samar controls him and takes him back to dance floor. They dance carrying Samar. After dance, Leela says they enjoyed the party, but her legs are paining dancing. Barkha even she is tired, but enjoyed a lot. Kavya says they should continue to enjoy the moments. Anupama says she will go and bring kheer for them all and walks towards kitchen. She notices protective thread on a table and comforts herself that everything is fine, but thinks why she is not convinced.

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