Anupama 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anuj bails out Toshu

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Toshu thinks of Pari in the lock up. Anuj comes there. Toshu asks him to get him out and says if I have to go to jail then Kinjal and Pari will have to face humiliation. He tells that he didn’t do this for greed, but he was helpless and taken the wrong way being afraid of Pari’s life. He tells that every parents had the way of dealing with situation, and tells that I was afraid. He promises that he will not trouble anyone from now that you have to give me another chance. He says I was scared for my daughter, you can understand being a father yourself. Officer comes and says your time is up. Toshu says if you ask then client will take back the case. Anuj says Police called me as the theft happened in my event, and when I came here, I thought to see you. He says I don’t know what your future will be. Toshu asks him to take him out for Kinjal and Pari.

Pari comes to Anupama and asks about Toshu. Anupama thinks what to say. Pari says he is in prison, my friend told and I thought she is lying, but she was right. She asks if he is bad as bad people go there. Anupama says your papa is not bad, he did a mistake so I punished him. Kavya comes there with Mahi and asks Pari to show her drawing book to Mahi. Pari and Mahi go from there. Pari tells the kids that Anuj was right that Toshu is her first child, she died 1000’s times while taking him to lock up, but he didn’t leave any way for me. She says I am tired of giving the test of motherly love. Kavya asks her not to cry.

Anuj talks to Mr. Zaveri and thanks him. He thinks to inform Anupama. Just then he hears Shruti’s love confession for him while she is sleeping, and that she will not have their own kids, as she don’t want Aadhya to feel bad. She says she just wants to be with him. She asks him to be with Aadhya and her, and let Anupama move on and fly, she has her own dreams.

Next day, Anupama is going to the restaurant. Baa asks what about Toshu. Vanraj says why she will go to PS, for her restaurant is important. Anupama asks what I will do by going there, he is in lock up. Toshu comes there and says he is out of lock up. He touches her feet and says he is on bail and didn’t elope. Vanraj hugs him and thank God, you are out. He asks how did you come out. Toshu says strangers helped and tells Mr. Zaveri took back the complaint on Anuj’s sayings. He says Anuj had come to meet me and got bail for me. He says this could have happened, if someone wanted. Anupama asks who will pay the goons’ money. She says Anuj ji got you bail, but what about the goons’ money, until they are caught, there will be sword hanging on Pari, Kinjal and all family. Vanraj asks her to say that she is not happy. Anupama asks him to say who will pay the money to the goons. Vanraj says he will give somehow and asks Toshu not to worry. Toshu says that place was like hell. Anupama says I know well. Pari comes there and hugs Toshu.

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Anuj gives lemon water to Shruti. Shruti asks if I did anything wrong. Anuj says everyone was there and what you did is…..He says you didn’t do anything and laughs. Shruti hits him politely. She asks about their marriage arrangements. He says whatever Aadhya and you both can do. Shruti hugs him. Aadhya gets happy.

Anuj comes to his office and sees Anupama. Anupama says I wanted to meet, but didn’t call as Shruti might feel bad, so she came here to office. She asks him why did he bail out Toshu. Anuj says because he is your son. Anupama says I took him there. Anuj says I can see clearly what you went through on your face. Anupama says he is my son, my trouble, and my pain and says I will see, why did you interfere? Anuj says I agree that your decision was right and he should be punished, but only he shall get punished and not you, his wife and daughter. He says if you, Kinjal and Pari see him jail then what they have gone through. He says what Kinjal’s colleagues would have said and Pari’s friend was saying that her father is a thief. He says I didn’t want any child to go through the same pain and trauma, and tells that he has seen Aadhya’s pain and trauma. Anupama says you should have let him stay there for few days atleast, I wanted him to mend his ways and become good. Anuj says you only says that everyone shall get the chance to get better. Anupama says you knows well that Toshu got many chances till now. She says you have done a mistake. He says from my perspective, I didn’t do anything wrong. He says I can’t see you hurt even now, I can’t see Kinjal and Pari hurt. He says sorry, but I am not sorry. Anupama gets up and goes.

Anupama tells Yashdeep that Toshu came out due to Anuj. She says she is worried about Kinjal and Pari. She asks what he was saying. Yashdeep is about to say, when Vikram and Rahul come there and tell that Joshi behen followers are getting less. Anupama says it is ok as she is now chef here. Vikram and Rahul ask her to take part in the cooking competition. She asks him to take part. Vikram says he had taken part, but lost it. Anupama says she doesn’t know how to talk in English. Vikram asks her not to worry about that. He gives her brochure and goes. Yashdeep thinks not to tell her.

Precap: Anupama hears Yashdeep saying someone that he needs money else the restaurant will be closed. Shruti wears the mangalsutra and shows to Anuj. Anuj asks her not to wear it as it is Anupama’s mangalsutra. Anupama tells Yashdeep that the restaurant is her work place and she will not let it get closed.