Anupama 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama gets Toshu arrested

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Toshu cries while Anupama drags him to take him to jail. Kinjal looks on crying. Shruti and Anuj also looks on. Yashdeep goes behind Anupama. Kinjal cries and recalls her marriage with Toshu and all the good times. She says I know Mummy is doing right, but he is my husband, he does mistake again and again and I feel bad and my heart feels the pain. She says her destiny is related to him, when he will be jailed, even her Pari and her will be punished too. She says half of her heart is crying and says she is feeling lonely and says it is difficult to live without a husband. Kavya and Dimpy pacify her. Dimpy tells how she feels without her husband. Kinjal says she will do the duty of a mother now.

Anupama shows the video to Police officer. Toshu asks Anupama why she is like this? Anupama says because you are like this. He says you can’t think what I am going through. Anupama says when the mother takes the child to doctor for injection, she thinks that it is for her child’s betterment and bears the pain. Rahul and other chef give the icecream to Pari and others. Pari tells Ansh, Ishani and Mahi that Papa will take them to Disney land. Her friends come there. Pari invites them to Disney land. The girl tells her that her papa is in jail for the theft. Pari is shocked. Mahi, Ishani and Ansh come to the rescue and asks the girls to go, and don’t believe them. Pari says Dadu and Dadi used to fight with each other over Papa. Anuj hears them and gives lemon water to Shruti, and comes there. He asks the kids not to believe anyone, and rather believe their family. They tell that their family don’t tell them anything. Anuj says elders don’t tell the kids thinking they will not understand. He pacify the kids and asks them to have icecream.

Kinjal comes there. Anuj tells that whatever Anupama did is right. Kinjal says yes, but he did it for Pari and me. Anuj says no and says no family wants the money to be earned by wrong ways. She says I am feeling bad for Mummy, Toshu was her first born, whom she loved so much, and tells that such thing shall not happen with anyone. She says she must be feeling pain and asks the kids to come home. She thinks who will handle Mummy.

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The Officer tells Anupama that he will be in the lock up until the case goes on. Toshu tells Anupama that he can’t stay here and asks her to think what pari will think. Anupama asks if he didn’t think about Pari, when he did the theft. He says he had stolen for Pari. Anupama asks him not to blame others for his mistakes. She recalls her stay in the jail and is walking off. Toshu says I hate you Mummy, and says shame on you for leaving her son there.

Anuj thinks of Kinjal’s words and thinks how to relieve her pain, and calls Mr. Zaveri. She looks at her saree pallu with which she had tied Toshu’s hands. She feels bad. Yashdeep comes to Anupama and says I don’t know what to say? Anupama says sorry Sir, but I want to be alone for sometime. He says yes.

Beeji calls Yashdeep and asks how is Anu? Yashdeep says she went to her house to fight with her family. Anupama reaches home and sees Vanraj’s angry face. She tries to take the water and he pushes the bottle making it fall. She takes the water from the jug and drinks water. She says you had already called me as worst mother and asks him if he has to say something. She says Toshu is in lock up and he gave the details of goons to the Police. She says until the goons are arrested, we have to take care of Kinjal and Pari. Vanraj asks who will give them money. Anupama says it is not my problem. She tells that tomorrow will be the case hearing. Pakhi asks how can you do this with your son. Anupama says I am best Mother, Anupama.

Precap: Toshu comes back home and tells that he didn’t elope from there. He says Mr. Zaveri has taken back the case on Anuj’s sayings.