Anupama 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj Take Dimpy Home


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Anupama tells that it is good to think about yourself and your daughter. She says even I was going to America for myself. She asks if you have to go now itself, and says family needs you right now. Toshu says we feel suffocated inside and is afraid to go out. Anupama says crime happens there also, and says it is your wish. She tells Kinjal that she didn’t break up with Toshu, to stay with the family, and asks why she got ready to go now. She says I am saying this, and says I am sad that hope is not taking you there, but fear. She says you are running away with the troubles. She asks them to reconsider the decision again, if you think that you should go, then go. Baa asks Anupama what is she thinking? Anupama says she has so many questions, which is out of syllabus. Baa says one grand son went and other is also leaving. Anupama says every bird makes their own nest, let them make and says they will handle. Baa asks how we will stay without them. Anupama says we have to live even if we feel bad. She says it is their wish to hold the other side.

Baa says a woman builds her house with a small pebble and when it shatters, she can’t bear. Anupama says we have to make ourselves understand. She asks Baa if there is any sweet at home. Baa says there is kheer in fridge. Anupama takes the kheer out and serves in the bowl. She makes Baa have it and she also eats. She tells Baa that she has one thought about Dimpy. Malti Devi recalls Barkha’s words and gets upset.

Anupama and Anuj bring Dimpy to their house. Malti Devi gets up. Barkha and Pakhi come there. Anuj says we have lost the case, but has not lost our hope and will fight the case. Malti Devi asks Dimpy if she has opened the dance academy. Dimpy nods her head. Malti Devi says you shall not leave the art, even if you have to leave anything. She then says she didn’t mean it, and she wants to say that she found the reason to live after Samar left. Barkha thinks she digged the land and fell down in it. Malti devi offers help. Dimpy refuses to take her help and says you can’t understand my pain. Anuj and Anupama tell that they have brought Dimpy to stay here. Pakhi says stay here, but don’t taunt us and don’t make us feel guilty. Dimpy says I haven’t come here to taunt anyone and also will not hear anything.

Kavya, Baa and Babu ji see Vanraj whispering in sleep, and gets worried for him. Baa says if we had known that he will be in this condition, then we wouldn’t have fought this case. She says Anupama and Anuj shall back off too. Babu ji thinks very soon they will be alone. Pakhi tells Anupama that she didn’t tell anything to Dimpy. Anupama says Dimpy has come to stay here for few days and asks her to let her stay here. She says Dimpy is Samar’s wife and is pregnant too. Pakhi says so what shall I do? She can become mother and I can’t become mother. Anupama asks Pakhi not to make her pain as her weapon and goes. Pakhi says everyone will ignore me now, and will roam around Dimpy. She says if Dimpy shows me attitude then I will not leave her. Anuj asks Anupama what happened? Anupama tells that Pakhi is behaving indifferently, sometimes she talks well, and sometimes she talks childish. Malti Devi comes there and tells Anupama that she will handle home, Choti and Romil. Anupama thanks her and says I will handle everything, you just handle Choti. Anuj asks her to rest. Barkha asks her to keep trying.

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Anuj massages Anupama’s back. Anupama says don’t do it, my shoulders are paining. Anuj says you have burdened all the responsibility on it. She gets Baa’s message. Baa tells in the voice message that her stubbornness is ruining things, Vanraj’s condition is bad, Toshu and Kinjal are going abroad, Kavya and Dimpy have given up. Anupama asks Anuj why the truth fight is always difficult. Anuj says they have done this always whenever you are fighting. Anupama says but you was with me always. Anuj says I will always be with you. She asks why do you love me so much. He says he will love her always. Anupama hugs him. He says Dussehra is coming. Anupama says Sonu and his father will be punished.

Later Anupama does aarti. Malti Devi thinks if anything happens to Anuj then I will not leave her. Barkha thinks Anupama is mad to cook khichdi. Vanraj also does aarti with his family. Baa asks Toshu and Kinjal when they are going and says she will give their room on rent. Toshu says today is Dussehra, and asks her not to taunt him. Baa asks them to ask his rich mother in law to hire private jet for them. She says she will make Theplas for them when they go. Vanraj scolds them too. Babu ji asks them to calm down. Vanraj asks if Anuj and Anupama called and says they said that they will make plan with Devika. Babu ji says don’t worry, they will not do anything wrong. Kavya gets worried for them.

Anupama, Anuj and devika make plan. Malti Devi thinks how to hear them. Anupama asks them to rethink. Anuj says they will take risk for his love. Devika says even I will take for friendship. Anuj says lets go taking Kanha ji’s name.

Precap: Anupama makes Sonu confess that he has killed Samar with the same weapon, which he is holding in his hand while aiming at her. She says she will get him punished on Dussehra day.