Anupama 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Receives Support, Vanraj Gets Threatened


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Devika visits Shah house to meet Anupama. She cries and hugs Anupama. Anupama cries and says she is fine. Devika says I am so sorry that I came late. Anupama says Samar….Babu ji and others look on. Malti Devi comes to Anuj and tells that there is fancy dress competition in Choti’s school. Anuj says I will bring the dress. Malti Devi tells that she is getting ghungroo made for her. She says there is one more thing and sits on the sofa near him. Barkha and Adhik are watching her, and says she will talk about business now. Malti Devi asks Anuj not to give statement against Sonu. Anuj is shocked. Malti says you are my only son and I will not risk your life. Anuj says you couldn’t understand a mother’s pain. Malti says Anupama’s son will not return with your statement. Anuj says Anupama’s son will get the justice. Malti Devi says Suresh Rathore will get anything, I will not lose my son. Anuj says if you say this again, then I will take back the right of calling me as your son. It turns out to be her imagination. Anuj asks if everything alright. Malti Devi asks if I shall take Choti to art gallery/ exhibition. Anuj asks her to take security. Barkha says she didn’t say. Adhik says she will say.

Devika tells that she had gone to Japan for 2 months. She asks Anupama not to lose her courage and asks about the case. Anupama says it seems difficult, as Toshu and Adhik refused to give statement, and Mr. Shah had beaten Suresh and the video is viral, so nobody will believe on his testimony, so the only witness is Anuj, and says she is worried for him.

She says if you don’t speak then others will not speak when you are in need. She says if that guy is let free then don’t know more parents may lose their son. Devika tells that may be some more people have witnessed it. Anupama says they have to go to everyone’s house who were at the club and have to use Saam Daam Dand Bhed, and have to make them confess. Devika says she will get it done. Anupama says Suresh is dangerous and she shall be careful. Devika tells that Samar was her son too, she is her family, and tells that they will not leave the person killing their son. She says if Toshu and Adhik was here, then I would have scolded them. She says until now Maa was fighting, but now both Maa and Maasi will play their band. S

Anuj tells that if Toshu and Adhik would have backed off, then how it matters, and asks Inspector to make Sonu confess. He is about to call the advocate, and coughs. Devika comes there and gives him water. Anuj sees her and hugs her. He says I heard that you was in Japan. She says Anu needed me so I came. Anuj says Anupama is lucky to have friend like you. Devika says you both are lucky that I am your friend. She asks if you are fine. Anuj sadly says everything is fine. Devika says it doesn’t look like. Anuj says you are asking like Police. Devika says when we have decided like Police, we will ask like Police. Anupama says we have decided to take help of outsiders who were there, at that time. She says we will handle them altogether.

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Malti Devi comes there and gives file to Anuj. Devika gets surprised seeing Malti Devi. Anupama tells that she is Anuj’s mother. Devika tells that her face looks like Malti Devi. Anuj says she is the famous Malti Devi. He goes. Devika whispers to Anupama that she got rid of one saas and now got another. Malti Devi says she is just Anuj’s mother and Anupama’s saas. Barkha advices her to become Anupama’s mother else she can’t become even Anuj’s mother.

Baa is taking care of Pari, and tells Babu ji that Toshu and Kinjal left Pari with them, and showing their colors just as Samar left. Vanraj comes there and sees an attacker attacking them with goon. He comes infront of them and the bullet was shot at him. He gets shocked.

Romil tells that Suresh and Sonu do show off on social media and post many videos, and tells that many criminals were caught due to social media. Baa, Babu ji and others come out. They see toy dart on Vanraj’s chest. The attacker asks them to read the message, and warns them. Vanraj gets worried. Romil tells that he will search for Sonu’s friends who was in the party, and also the girl who was harassed. Anupama says she didn’t know that social media can be of great use. Devika appreciates Romil’s intelligence. Pakhi comes there and asks them why they are dragging Romil in this matter. Anupama says we will not risk his life and will not tell anyone that we got info from him. Romil tells Pakhi that he has offered help to them. Pakhi says you are a child, but they are elders and shall understand. Devika gets angry and asks Pakhi to teach her to be coward like her and asks her to leave. Anupama asks her to leave her. Pakhi tells Anupama that Toshu is not getting work and I couldn’t become a mother, even we have problem in our lives. Anupama says your problems are not bigger than my Samar’s problem, someone killed him. She says you can fight for your problems, but Samar can’t fight. Pakhi asks her to make her relation better with Buddy and asks her to value the ones who are alive. She says she is practical. Anupama says if any guy teased you or reached home like before, then I shall say that I am practical and don’t do anything then how you will think. Pakhi says everyone’s lives is difficult, because of your stubbornness.

Precap: Anuj informs Anupama that court date has done. Devika says we have just one day now. Anupama prays to God. Anuj tells that he will always be with her. She holds his hand, and he rests his head on her shoulder. Suresh comes there and says mother is romancing after Son’s death.