Anupama 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Adhik asks Vanraj to check on Pakhi

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Anupama is standing on the road. Anuj calls her. Anupama thinks if anything had happened to Choti. She picks the call and says hello, Mr. Kapadia. He says you have made me as stranger which you didn’t do 5 years back. Anupama says I keep my personal and professional life separate. Anuj laughs and says problem is that life is not separate, life is one like a person, how you will separate. Anupama asks if you had any work, Mr. Kapadia. He says again Mr. He says I agree that I am not in your life and heart right now, but if it is necessary for you to make me feel like a stranger. Anupama says Kapadia sir, if you have work then tell me. Anuj says I called to talk about the event, that tells that many people are going from all around then world, and whatever he want to say, it is important for the stall. Anupama asks him to talk to her boss Yashdeep sir, and says she is just a cook here. Anuj says your Yashdeep sir don’t do anything without asking you, or looking in your eyes. Anupama says it is late night and asks him to talk to her boss. Anuj says if I want to you then?

Pakhi comes to Vanraj and says sorry for fighting with him for Titu. She says I thought he loves me, but I was wrong.

She promises him that she will not think about him from now onwards. Vanraj says good and I am glad that you realized your mistake. Pakhi says I had gone to meet him in his hotel room and says I thought to tell you before Dimpy or Kavya tell you. She says I had gone to clear something, but I will not go now. Vanraj stops her and asks if Dimpy and Kavya knew that you went to meet that guy. Pakhi says no, and says she thought that they would be there, as Dimpy goes to meet Titu with Kavya’s help. She says I thought to tell you before someone else say. She thinks she won’t let Titu and Dimpy unite.

Anupama tells Anuj that she is going to Kinjal and Toshu’s house. Anuj says Mr. Dhillon must be dropping you. Anupama says I am waiting for my bus. Anuj asks her to message him after reaching there. He then apologizes to her. Anupama says good night. He says he has just night and not good.

Titu comes to the tea shop and asks him to give 2 tea. The tea seller says he will give it right now. Vanraj comes there angrily and takes the pot from the roadside stall, and is about to hit it on Titu’s head, when Adhik comes there and holds his hand stopping him.

Anupama comes to Kinjal’s house. Pari comes there and asks if you are tired, I will massage your shoulder. Anupama says no, I am your Dadi. Pari says Mamma says that God gets happy and even elders when we care for the latter. Anupama tells that she has joined dance class, she will go there before going to restaurant. Pari asks how you will dance without ghungroo and asks her to buy. Anupama says it is costly. Pari says she has an idea.

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Adhik says it seems Pakhi has filled his ears against Titu and Dimpy. Vanraj asks if he is his friend. Adhik says we both are tortured by your daughter. Vanraj asks him to go else his bones will be broken too. Adhik asks him to go home and make Pakhi understand. He says Pakhi went to Titu’s hotel last night and proposed him for marriage, and was getting close to him.

Pari brings her ghungroo and asks Anupama to take some ghungroo from it. Anupama refuses. Pari insists. Anupama, Pari and Kinjal make the ghungroo.

Vanraj shouts Adhik. Adhik asks him to make his spoilt daughter understand and asks her to stay away from Dimpy and Titu else. Vanraj asks what you will do? Adhik says I have the recording of whatever she said to Titu, and threatens to give it to court, and then they both will have to live with their heads low.

Dimpy and Kavya confront Pakhi and asks what you want to do? Pakhi blames Kavya and tells that she herself has done many mistakes and is accusing her. Kavya says she has taken responsibility of her mistakes and bearing the punishment even now. Dimpy asks her not to defame them again.

Anupama is in the dance school. She tells the girl that enthusiasm and dedication is needed to learn dance. She tells that she wanted to learn in her childhood, later she got a call to learn from Gurumaa. Anupama and Pari dance. Kinjal takes recording and sends to Toshu. Anuj briefs Toshu about the work to do, and tells that in the event, jewellery security is the priority. Toshu gets a call from the goons. Anuj asks him to pick the call and goes. Toshu picks the call and says he will give their money soon.

Anupama tells Diya that yashdeep sir told her about her. Diya says he must have told you about my daughter Tiya. She says dance is a healing thing, and I forget my pain sometimes seeing the kids. Anupama tells that she can understand as she has lost her son too. Diya says sorry. She says she had asked Yashdeep to marry, but he said that when he meet Simran like girl then he will bring her infront of her, and yesterday, he has brought you. She says she has never seen him happy before. Anupama tries to correct her, but diya goes as student calls her.

Precap: Aadhya shouts at Anupama and asks her to get out. Anuj asks her to say sorry to her Mummy. Aadhya says she is not my mummy, Shru is my Mummy. The neighbors ask Baa to take Dimpy along with her else she will make America here. Anupama cries hugging Beeji and says all those relations came infront of her.