Anupama 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi Tries To Make Anupama Understand Anuj’s State Of Mind


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Anuj brings food for Anupama and asks her to have it as she didn’t have anything since morning. Anupama refuses and continues to cry holding Samar’s photo. Anuj says he can’t see her like this and tried his best to get her out of her pain, he is even ready to die to clear their distance. He asks if their relationship will halt like this and won’t progress, he will die if she maintains silence and distance like this. Anupama says she can’t even die until she gets justice to her son, he can cry, but she can’t even cry as she promised Samar that she will not cry and will wipe family’s tears, she can’t lose hope as she has to boast family’s hope, she needs to be courageous to keep the family courageous; he is right in his place and she doesn’t want to trouble him, but whenever she listens to his voice, it reminds her of her dead son wrapped in a white sheet.

Anuj holds her hand. Anupama pulls it back. Tere Bina Zindagi se Koyi Shikwa To Nahi… song plays in the backgorund. Anupama walks away from there. Anuj breaks down and says she is so tensed that she can’t die and he is has so much shattered that he can’t live. Malti Devi/MD returns and comforts him. He lies on her lap and says he separated a mother from her child. MD asks her not to cry as his mother is back, she will persuade Anupama. Anuj gets conscious and walks away from there. Kavya returns home crying. Vanraj and whole family rushes to her and asks if something happened. Kavya says Rathore’s men threatened her that Shah family lost one son and will lose another son if Vanraj doesn’t take back his complaint. Toshu and Leela says those people are so shameless to attack a pregnant woman. Kavya says Anupama fought for her, Toshu, Dimpy, it’s their turn to fight for Samar’s justice. Vanraj says they will. Toshu says they need to be careful. Hasmukh says they will. Vanraj says they need to visit police station tomorrow and give a detailed statement of evidence to inspector.

MD walks to Anupama. Anupama touches her feet. MD say she didn’t want to return but had to for her son’s sake. She says Anuj can bear any blow, but can’t bear her being upset with him; he has shattered; Anupama is punishing him for a mistake he didn’t do, she knows that Anuj is not responsible for Samar’s death or else she wouldn’t have been staying in this house; Anupama can’t fight with her fate, hence she is fighting with Anuj; Anuj cried lying on her lap for the first time and is alone, he has to open up in front a woman he hates the most even though the woman he loves the most is present with him. Anupama says she is thankful to god that MD got her son back. MD says Anuj didn’t ask the goons to shoot Samar. Anupama says she didnt’ say that. MD asks why is she angry on Anuj then.

Anupama says when CA’s mother passed away and she had to leave MD’s work midway and return to CA, even MD was angry on her then; she would have been wrong if she hadn’t return to CA, but MD considered her wrong; Anuj couldn’t control himself when CA went to stay with her mother for a short time, but her son will never return; she herself is in deep sorrow and can’t understand someone else’s pain. MD asks if her son said same when Anupama was in pain. Anupama says she had, right now she is not in a state of mind to explain as her son is gone. She says she felt good that she has returned to her son and hopes their relationship improve. MD asks if she can stay here. Anupama asks why is she asking her, it’s her son’s house and she has right to stay here. She walks away from there. MD thinks Anupama is so understanding, then why it’s so difficult to make her understand today.

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Kinjal feels upset recalling Rathore threatening her and Kavya. Toshu notices her condition, hugs her and says it’s to get afraid in this situation, but he can’t stop getting justice to his brother. Kinjal says what is the use of justice when they are at the brink of losing life; goons can shoot them anytime. Toshu says they are not mad to shoot just like that, police would get suspicious on them if they do so. He assures that he will protect Pari. Kinjal says he was with Samar, but Samar died in front of him. Toshu says he can’t understand why she is afraid now when she wasn’t afraid during Dimpy’s time. Kinjal says because those people didn’t use guns, but these people are. Toshu asks her to relax. Kinjal says she wants to, but can’t. Toshu asks if he shouldn’t get justice to his brother. Kinjal says she has lost her BIL, but can’t lose her husband and baby’s father; he should make family understand to take back the case instead of losing lives; she got a call from her mom to shift to USA and handle Dave coaching classes, she had earlier denied but now thinks they should.

Anuj continues to cry recalling Anupama’s behavior. MD walks to Anuj. Anuj says he can’t bear Anupama’s anger. MD says he should understand that he is not at mistake and shouldn’t feel guilty, let Anupama take her time to forgive him; she got her son back after years, Anupama is needed in Shah house and let her be there, she will take care of him and CA. Anuj says he has to support Anupama in getting justice for Samar at any cost and can’t stay away from Anupama.

Next morning, Vanraj asks Toshu to come out soon as they need to visit police station to give statement. Toshu walks down with Kinjal. Vanraj gives him car keys to get it out. Toshu says he will get the car out, but can’t accompany him. Vanraj says if he has some important work, he can give statement and leave. Toshu repeats that he can’t accompany him and involve in this case. Vanraj is shocked. Toshu says he loves Samar and misses him, but can’t go ahead with this case. Leela asks Kinjal to explain him. Kinjal says Toshu is right. Hasmukh asks what is he saying. Toshu says he is saying same which Leela and Vanraj said during Dimpy’s time. Dimpy says she was a stranger, but Toshu is his dear one. Toshu says they can’t lose Hasmukh, Leela and others and should take back their case as that boy is insane and his father loves him immensely. Vanraj asks if he doesn’t love his son. Toshu says he fears that they will lose their lives trying to get justice for Samar. Dimpy asks if he wants them to forget Samar easily, he was our dear one, why even Kinjal is fearing. Kinjal says she wasn’t, but now fears for her family. Leela says even she supports Toshu and Kinjal as she can’t see any more funeral.

Precap: Pakhi tells Anupama that Adhik will not give statement to police as an eye witness. Vanraj hears that and says she and Toshu proved that no matter how close they are with the family, they fear for their lives when their dear one dies. Pakhi says she is thinking practical. Anupama asks her not to call her cowardness as practicality and tells Vanraj that only they both will fight for their Samar now.