Anupama 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Tries To Pacify Dimpy


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Anupama comes to Dimpy and asks her to have some food. She says your baby might be doing tandav because of hunger and asks her to have food. Dimpy gets up from the bed and goes. Anupama looks at Samar’s clothes on the bed and says don’t worry, I will handle Dimpy and the baby. She says I have promised you, but I miss you so much. Vanraj thinks how to handle the kids, Baa and babu ji are trying to give us courage, but I know that they are broken themselves. Kavya comes there and tells that she feels so proud seeing him fighting with the pain. She says she is always with him in every sorrow. Vanraj rests his head on her shoulder and tells that he feels that Samar will come and say Papa. He says his heart is not ready to accept, and tells that father and son couldn’t express their feelings to each other. He says he couldn’t express his emotions well and hug him, and say that he is proud of him. He regrets not to do it. Kavya says shall I say something and asks him to say whatever he wants to tell to Samar. She wears Samar’s photo mask. Vanraj says sorry Samar, you was the best son of this world, but I couldn’t be the best father. He says I couldn’t support your dreams. He says I love you so much, but couldn’t express it. He says whenever I used to scold you more, I used to come to your room, said you sorry when you were sleeping. He regrets not to say him sorry and says Iove you so much. He cries.

Anupama sees Anuj’s message, but she doesn’t reply to him. Anuj thinks what to do, Anupama asked me to go from there.

Ankush comes there and Adhik told me whatever happened and what Vanraj has done and accused you. Anuj says Vanraj said right, I am responsible for whatever happened. Ankush asks him not to blame himself. Anuj holds himself responsible for it. Barkha asks him to give time and space to Anupama and tells that Anupama has lost her dear son, and you can understand what she is going through. She says you waited for her 26 years, she will come by herself, wait for sometime. Anuj says I was alone then, but now I have fear in my heart to lose her. He says she can forgive me, but how I will forgive myself. He says if Anupama doesn’t forgive me then I will die. Choti Anu comes there and tells that they shall look at Samar Bhaiyya as he must have become the stair. She asks him to see the stars using binoculars and says she asked Mummy to see him in stairs. Anuj looks at the stars. Anupama says Choti asked me to search you in the star. Anuj says bright star was Samar Bhaiyya.

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Later Anuj brings Choti Anu to Shah house. Anupama looks at her as she hugs her. Kinjal asks if Dimpy have food. Vanraj asks her to ask Samar to pay the electricity bill. He realizes and gets silent. Dimpy cries sittin alone. Everyone comes and try to pacify her. Anupama hugs Dimpy. The day are passing by. Anuj is still and thinks of Anupama. Anupama recalls Samar’s words and cries while making food in the kitchen. She recalls Vanraj accusing Anuj, when Anuj comes there and stands outside. Anupama ignores him and goes.

Precap: Samar tells Anupama that death doesn’t stop for anyone then why we shall stop for it. He asks her to live his share of life too happily with a smile. He makes her write Anupama on the slate. Song plays….