Ankita Lokhande Breaks Silence on Bigg Boss 17 Entry: No Fears, No Image to Set – Just My Real Self

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Ankita Lokhande Breaks Silence on Bigg Boss 17 Entry: No Fears, No Image to Set – Just My Real Self

Anticipation is high as Ankita Lokhande, beloved for her iconic portrayal of Archana in Pavitra Rishta, gears up to step into the controversial realm of Bigg Boss 17 alongside her husband Vicky Jain. In a recent interview, Ankita shares insights into her decision, her real persona, and her take on judgments.

The accomplished actress, known for her enduring roles and sensational personal life, opens up about her debut on Bigg Boss 17, attributing the decision to her long-standing interest in the reality show. Ankita, a keen viewer since its inception, saw this as an opportunity to be a part of the iconic show.

Ankita candidly reveals that it was her husband Vicky Jain who persuaded her to take on the challenge of Bigg Boss. Despite initial hesitations, she acknowledges Vicky’s support and expresses her commitment to showcasing her authentic self on the show.

Addressing concerns about her outspoken nature, Ankita clarifies that her tone may be misconstrued as dominating, but in reality, she is known for her honesty and never aims to hurt anyone. She emphasizes her soft-hearted nature and hopes that viewers will witness the genuine Ankita through her Bigg Boss journey.

As she embarks on the 24/7 journey inside the Bigg Boss house, Ankita is prepared for both criticism and understanding. She plans to stay true to herself, providing honest suggestions only where needed, without fear of public opinion.

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Touching upon her relationship with Vicky Jain, Ankita asserts that they’ve already proven their commitment and love for each other outside the show. She dismisses the notion of taking love tests within the Bigg Boss house but acknowledges the entertainment factor they bring to the table.

Ankita, who has faced judgment throughout her life, remains unfazed and unapologetically authentic. She asserts her lack of fear regarding public perception and emphasizes that she’s not on the show to create an image but to reveal a different side of herself.

Setting the record straight on fashion choices, Ankita dispels rumors about excessive clothing, stating her intention to keep it simple and repeat outfits as needed. She looks forward to showcasing her lifestyle through her fashion on the weekend episodes.

As Ankita Lokhande prepares to step into the Bigg Boss 17 house, viewers can expect a genuine, unfiltered portrayal of the actress, unburdened by the need for public approval.