Agnisakshi 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh and Jeevika reveal the truth to Satvik

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The Episode starts with Satvik asking Jeevika if she knows about Utkarsh. He says if you had told me then I would have helped you. Utkarsh says Jeevika didn’t tell you, as I asked her not to tell you. Satvik asks what is going on? Rajnandini tells that everyone here is so foolish, and tells that Papa is writing accounts record on the paper, and says I will delete it from computer, but how to delete it from Papa’s paper. Juhi says you can make anyone dance on your tune. Rajnandini says time has come to make them beg on the road. Juhi asks her to think again and tells that they love you so much and even loves me and treats me well. She says sometimes I forget that this is not my house. Rajnandini slaps her for taking their side. Satvik asks Utkarsh to tell him truth. Utkarsh says you have to wait for more time. Satvik asks how to believe you that you will not go again. Jeevika says I can’t tell you, but will show you. Satvik says I am not a child, whom you will convince like this. Jeevika says you are a child, to believe on the person blindly. She shows Rajnandini’s video. Satvik sits in shock. Jeevika asks Utkarsh if he wants to say something. Utkarsh says he is not surprised and tells that he was silent fearing that the family is in danger.

Rajnandini tells Juhi that they are not their family, but enemies. She says only I am your family and asks her not to forget how they have suffered before coming there. Utkarsh tells that Rajnandini was that bad sight which fell on me, and tells that Rajnandini had kept him captive and chained in that farmhouse. He says Jeevika saved me. Jeevika says bappa saved you. She says we shall show the proofs to papa and get her arrested. Utkarsh breaks the pendrive. Satvik says you are saving your wife even now. Utkarsh says I am saving my wife Riddhima. They get shocked.

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Juhi asks Rajnandini, why did she fill hatred in her heart for them, who loved them dearly. She says today you can’t stop me from questioning you and says you have tagged me foolish. Rajnandini says you have earned this tag. Juhi says today I will know the reason, and asks about their parents and their elder sister Riddhima. Satvik says your wife is Rajnandini bhabhi. Utkarsh says Rajnandini is not my wife, but Riddhima is my wife, Rajnandini’s elder sister. He says Riddhima and I met in college and was in love with each other. He says I know that Papa will never agree for this alliance. He says only Rajnandini knew that we got married in the temple. A fb is shown, Utkarsh and Riddhima get married in the temple. Rajnandini throws flower petals on them. Satvik asks what happened with Riddhima then, as you came with Rajnandini. A fb is shown, Utkarsh and Rajnandini coming home with garlands in their necks, and touches Narayan’s feet. Jeevika asks Utkarsh, why did he bring Rajnandini as his wife. Utkarsh says I had to bring Rajnandini here as Riddhima was captive by her, and I was forced to stay with her.

Rajnandini tells Juhi that due to this family, their Aai and Baba died and their childhood is ruined due to Bhosles. Juhi sits in shock.

Satvik asks why Rajnandini has done this, for money? Utkarsh says Rajnandini’s madness is not for money, but for revenge of her father’s death Dr. Amol. They ask Dr. Amol. Utkarsh says our Aai died because of Dr. Amol.

Precap: Rajnandini tells Lata that she couldn’t become a mother due to Utkarsh’s medical condition, but Jeevika had problem from the start. Satvik says I didn’t know you have so many complaints with Jeevika. He asks if this is recent development or you have complaints with everyone from before, I thought you will think good about the family.