Agnisakshi 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika Confronts Rajnandini

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Jeevika calls Jhumki whiles she’s passing by. Juhi goes upto her and tells her that she’s not her best friend. She only thanked her because she helped her in the kitchen. Jeevika takes out the bracelet and asks if it’s hers? Juhi gets scared and says that it’s Rajnandini’s and she did wear it some days. She asks Jeevika to not tell anything to her sister. Juhi leaves. Jeevika realises that it was her when she got pushed. Jeevika starts recalling every thing that happened to her, she tries to connect all the dots. Jeevika realises that it’s one the family member who’s trying to destroy the family. Jeevika decides to find the person who’s behind all this.

Everyone has gathered to worship Ganpati. Jeevika and Satvik starts with the rituals and prays to the almighty. Satvik’s father says that it’s time for the visarjan. Satvik picks up the statue and takes the statue for visarjan. Jeevika grabs Rajnandini and takes her to the bedroom. She pushes Rajnandini and starts interrogating her forcefully. Jeevika gets angry and tells her everything that she did. Jeevika takes out the bracelet and shows it to her. Rajnandini gets scared.

Satvik takes the statue for visarjan. Everyone is joyous and celebrating. Satvik does the visarjan.

Rajnandini tells Jeevika that it must be misconception. Jeevika interrupts her and says that she knows everything about her and her plans, it over for her. Rajnandini gets starts laughing and tells Jeevika that she’s very sharp, and quite impressed. Rajnandini tells Jeevika that nobody is going to believe her, because the whole family will take her side. She also says that it’s been 7 years since she came into this house and everything trusts her with everything, and couldn’t even stand a chance in front of her. Jeevika tells Rajnandini that why doesn’t she even regret because she betrayed this family who trusts her with everything. Rajnandini tells her to stop being dramatic and says that she will still rule this house. Jeevika tells her that she might get her throne confiscated soon. Rajnandini says that she cannot even talk to her face front. Jeevika says that she will tell everyone. Rajnandini asks her to go ahead, and try, she will fail because she lack proofs. Jeevika says that she will throw her out of house within 7 days. Rajnandini also challenges her back. Jeevika leaves the room.

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Satvik tells his father that he gets sad after every Ganesh Chaturthi. His father agrees and tells him that it happens when we love someone with everything we have. Lata shows up and brings out some pictures of girls for Satvik. Lata says that now Satvik can also keep her bloodline going. Satvik gets furious and yells at Lata. Satvik leaves. Lata tells Satvik’s father that Jeevika has changed Satvik. His father also gets frustrated from Lata and leaves the room.

Jeevika is searching for Utkarsh and thinks that she needs to find proofs before talking to Satvik. She finds a blurry picture of Utkarsh with some lady, with written “love Ridhima” on the back of the picture. She gets confused.

Rajnandini says that she will win against Jeevika, because she already very used to winning. She has entered her plan by herself but, won’t be able to leave it soon.

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