Agnisakshi 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajnandini reveals her crimes

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The Episode starts with Narayan asking Jeevika why did she call them here. Jeevika says she wanted to show something to them. Aadhya asks why you didn’t call Rajnandini here. Jeevika says I didn’t call her, as the matter is about her. She says I know that you will not believe it, but it is truth. Lata says such word doesn’t look nice on your mouth. Narayan asks what you want to show. Jeevika says I want to show Rajnandini’s true face to you. Rajnandini shouts Jeevika and says I thought to show the real face behind my face myself. Narayan asks what you are doing? Rajnandini says I will not do, but they will do. She calls the armed goons there, who hold them on gun point. Everyone is shocked. Rajnandini asks them to fasten their belts and get ready to die, and smiles. She pushes Lata and narayan and shoots behind Satvik. Jeevika asks Rajnandini to leave Satvik and do whatever she wants to do, with her and not to Satvik. Everyone is shocked. Rajnandini appreciates their love and says if one is harmed then other comes to rescue, and says who will save you both from Rajnandini’s horror. She tells Satvik that the next attack will be on Jeevika. She tells the goons that nobody shall come inside and go outside. They lock the door. Aadhya asks what happened to vahini? Jeevika asks her not to worry.

Utkarsh tells Satvik and Jeevika that he warned them, but they didn’t agree and tells that now the family will suffer because of them. Narayan says you are talking fine and asks if he is hiding something. Rajnandini tells Utkarsh that she has become his fan, and tells that her focus was on illiterate Jeevika, and he got saved from her Radar, else he would have been hanged with the fan by now. Lata tells that she is snake in sleeve and naagin. Rajnandini says she will shoot her. She asks Jeevika to give the pendrive. Jeevika gives her pendrive. Rajnandini checks and finds it empty. Satvik says you have revealed your true face with your mouth. Narayan tells that he has understood that Rajnandini is not the same as she appears. Rajnandini calls him Narayan and says you are saying as if you are good. She says your hands are soaked with blood. Narayan asks why you are saying as if I am your enemy. Rajnandini says she will not leave him and his family, and says everyone has to die one by one. Narayan asks why you hate us? Rajnandini says hate is small word and says my hatred can’t be revealed in words, and says I cry blood tears seeing you happy and dies 1000’s deaths seeing you all fine. She says I tried to distance Satvik and you, and highlighted his mistakes in your sight so that he can never stand up. She tells that she has provoked Shlok against Narayan and that’s why he don’t talk to him nicely. She says she has broken Aadhya’s confidence so much. She tells that she had broken Satvik also, and gave money to Supriya to leave him. She tells that she had kept Utkarsh away from everyone, and had forced everyone to do his shradh. She says then I have Jeevika here, as she can’t become a mother.

Lata says you knows it well. Rajnandini says yes, and says if I had not known then I wouldn’t have get this marriage done. She thanks Lata to create the drama, and says you have thrown her out that day, it was entertaining, and says if Satvik had not come then she would have been thrown out that day. She says this poor girl might be in her poor house, and says she comes in my way as the hurdle, and has ruined my 7 years hardwork, and that’s why I had to got her kidnapped, attacked her, and then had to pushed her down from the mountain. Narayan is shocked and says how can you do this, I regarded you as my daughter always. Rajnandini says you are my father’s murderer and tells that she is Dr. Amol’s daughter whom he has made orphan. She tells that she knows that he had forced him to die. Narayan says he didn’t do anything, but Savitri died due to him. utkarsh says if your parents would have been alive then would have been ashamed to see you doing this. Rajnandini threatens to kill him. Utkarsh says you have given me many deaths since years. He says he is not scared, but feels like laughing. Rajnandini says you will cry when you see your family dying. Lata asks if you are not ashamed to think to kill your husband and his family. Rajnandini says this family is not mine and asks Utkarsh to clarify and tells that they are not husband and wife. Shlok asks what you are saying?

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Jeevika says Rajnandini is not his wife, but Utkarsh dada’s wife is someone else. Satvik says he had married Rajnandini’s elder sister Riddhima. Lata asks her to get herself treated by a doctor. Rajnandini says you have killed the doctor, and says lets begin the death game. She says this game will start with Jeevika and says this game’s name is Russian roulette. She asks Jeevika to hold the gun on her head and pull the trigger. She shows her and tells that even I will play with you. She asks Jeevika to keep the gun on her head and pull the trigger. Satvik says Jeevika will not play such game. Rajnandini asks if she wants her life or Satvik’s life. Jeevika says she wants Satvik’s life. She tells that she is ready to take death in her hands for 7 births. Rajnandini asks her to just do it and pull the trigger. Jeevika pulls the trigger and says there is no bullet. Rajnandini says I haven’t pulled the trigger on my head if there was bullet, as my life is not cheap like you. She says she wants to see them the glimpse of the hell she was living in. She says the game haven’t started till now. Door bell rings.

Rajnandini asks Shlok to open the door and whoever is on the door, send them back. Shlok opens the door and sees Juhi. Juhi comes inside. Rajnandini says finally my foolish sister got some mind. Juhi says yes, I have come and I didn’t come alone. She calls Riddhima. Pradeep comes there with Riddhima. Riddhima hugs utkarsh. Utkarsh says I know that God will not let us separate. Rajnandini is about to slap Juhi for bringing Riddhima there. Jeevika stops her. Rajnandini so this is your doing. Satvik recalls seeking Pradeep’s help. A fb is shown, Jeevika offers Juhi to help her find Riddhima. Rajnandini tells that the game can’t be changed due to the puppet (Juhi). She says the game is over and aims gun at Jeevika. Jeevika stands fearless.

Precap: Satvik gets Rajnandini arrested and asks Inspector to write her name as Rajnandini and not Rajnandini Bhosle in the charge sheet. Narayan tahnks Satvik and Jeevika for making the house as home. Lata tells that she has understood that love relation is more deep than blood relation. Satvik is sitting with kids in the kitchen and they are having laddoos. Satvik and jeevika have a hug.