Aankh Micholi 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rukmani and Sumedh’s first Holi

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Aankh Micholi 29th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar taunting Rukmani. She asks her to get ready and come. Rukmani says I have washed my hair and got ready. Kesar says I know, you didn’t wash your hair, go and wash it again, you have long hair. Rukmani goes and removes the wig. She washes the wig with a cricket bat. Shivani hears the sound and says who washes hair like that. Kesar asks her to go and wash utensils. Rukmani opens the door. Kesar sees her hair wet and says good, get ready and come in the temple. Rukmani nods. Kesar goes. Rukmani sees Arvind’s pic and cries. Kesar waits for Rukmani and gets angry. Sumedh looks on. He knocks the door and goes to Rukmani. He says everyone is waiting, I don’t know why you are worried, you can share sorrow. Kesar taunts Rukmani on Arvind. Sumedh says marriage happened between two families, I just want Kesar stays happy, she has much hopes from you, I don’t know the reason for your sorrow, so I can’t end it sorrow, I will tell the truth to Kesar and explain her. He leaves.

Kesar says she doesn’t know how to respect elders, I can’t tolerate this. Sumedh comes. Shivani asks where is Rukmani. He says I have to talk to Kesar. Rukmani gets ready and comes. Sumedh smiles. Shivani asks him to go and handle the tea store. He leaves. Kesar does the rituals. She taunts Rukmani in anger. She says you got late in waking up and coming for puja, this raises questions on your dad’s upbringing, I know you didn’t have your mum. Rukmani says parents don’t teach wrong to children, my dad gave me good values and upbringing. Kesar asks her to go and put water in tulsi plant. Rukmani goes. She waters the plant. Sumedh thanks her. She says I have come for my dad’s sake. Everyone plays holi. She says Jamkudi, play the holi well, I will give you a new saree. Jamkudi says entire family has come, where are Sumedh and his wife. Kesar says my rules work in my house, play holi with me. Sumedh comes. Rukmani asks about Rukmani. Shivani and Rupal get Rukmani there. Pankti wishes Rukmani and goes to apply colours. Kesar says Sumedh will apply the first colours to Rukmani. Sumedh shows his injured hands. Everyone is shocked. Sumedh recalls holding the hot water vessel by hands to burn his hands. He says I can’t play holi. Kesar says you were lost in thoughts. Jamkudi says Rukmani can apply colours to you. Sumedh makes an excuse and runs. Kesar says Rukmani, you apply colors to him. She looks for Sumedh.

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Shivani asks Rukmani to have thandai. Rukmani dances with Sumedh. Kesar stops Rukmani. She cries and says I didn’t take any drugs. Sumedh defends Rukmani and scolds Jamkudi.