Aankh Micholi 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sumedh tries to call Mini

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The Episode starts with Manorama telling Kesar about Rukmani. She says Rukmani lost her mum in childhood and she took up her siblings responsibility. Kesar gets emotional and sees Sumedh. The kids search for some pic. They get Rukmani’s pic. They go to show it to Sumedh. Rupal takes the pic to Sumedh. She says Kesar has chosen this girl for you. Sumedh smiles. The kids ask him to see Malhar’s GF’s pic. Sumedh smiles seeing Rukmani’s pic. Rupal asks did you like her, tell me. Sumedh says she is like Kesar thought. She asks is she like you thought. He says she isn’t like I thought, she is much better. The kids get happy that he likes her. They dance. Sumedh says we will see how Malhar’s GF looks. He sees the pic. Rukmani cries seeing Malhar’s pic. She leaves the pic. She says I accept this alliance for the sake of my family. Sumedh doesn’t identify Rukmani’s face due to the drill pic. He says I can’t see her face in this pic.

Sonal asks Bakula why did she not tell Arvind about Sumedh’s profession. She says when dad knows Sumedh is a Chaiwala, then he will not forgive himself, I don’t want to lose him. Bakula says I m doing this for Rukmani’s betterment, Sumedh isn’t bad, his chai store is big and famous. She justifies her decision. She says if you think I did anything wrong, then go and tell the truth to him. Sonal says no, you are right. Kesar asks everyone to hurry with the work. Shivani is on call. She says I can take anyone’s character x-ray by seeing the face.

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Prisha asks Kesar will you not investigate anything, you have believed Manorama. Rupal says Kesar liked that girl, it means she will have something in her. Kesar adds the lemon in the Rabdi. Rupal asks what did you do, Rabdi will get spoiled. Kesar says one has to earn the title of Baa, you think I will get bahu just like that, this spoiled Rabdi is Rukmani’s test. Rukmani takes care of Arvind. He says Rukmani, the groom’s family will test you, doctor isn’t letting me go home for a day, you have to manage. She cries. Manorama comes home and says I have sent this pic to Kesar. Bakula sees the pic with long hair. Sonal says Rukmani’s hair aren’t long. Manorama says ask her to grow hair, Kesar doesn’t like girls with short hair. Bakula says such a big lie, Rukmani has agreed to marry on her dad’s saying. Manorama says Kesar is stubborn, forget it, I will ask her not to come here and waste your time. Bakula and Sonal worry. Sumedh calls someone and asks for Mini’s number. The man gives the number. Mama ji waits for him. Sumedh thanks the man.

Rukmani sees her uniform. Sumedh calls Rukmani. Mama ji asks him to come. Rukmani doesn’t see the call. Sumedh leaves. He says she isn’t answering, she stays in Rajkot, I will meet her and know what happened. Rukmani cries and puts her uniform in the trunk.
Kesar makes Rukmani wear the jewellery and asks her to get habitual to adornment. Sumedh smiles. He speaks to Rukmani. Shivani gets Rukmani’s phone and says it has her secrets.