Aankh Micholi 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rukmani shocks Sumedh

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Aankh Micholi 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Shivani and Rupal bringing Rukmani to the room. Rukmani gets shocked seeing the decorations. Sumedh comes. They wish them all the best and leave. Sumedh says I have thought a lot of things for this night, I forgot everything now. Rukmani sits crying. Sumedh says I wanted to show you something. He shows their pic and says its our perfect pairing, life changes overnight, we were strangers and today we have become life partners, every girl has some dreams, you would also have.

He says this is the night of our union, it will be memorable. He holds her hand and kisses her. She gets away and drops the candles on the floor. She angrily scolds Sumedh. Kesar says Rukmani forgot the milk glass, I have to go and give it to her. Rukmani says you celebrate the wedding night, I m decked up to please you. Sumedh asks why are you saying this, did I make any mistake. Rukmani says no, husband has a right to do anything, wife has a duty to keep husband and Sasural happy. She argues with Sumedh and cries. Kesar comes there and knocks the door. Sumedh worries seeing the ruined decorations. Kesar calls him out. Sumedh goes and opens the door. Kesar says Rukmani forgot the milk glass. He takes it and shuts the door. Kesar gets angry. She says he has shut the door on my face today. Rachna says you shouldn’t be hurt. Kesar says I found his behavior strange, he has always obeyed me, he didn’t listen to me and shut the door on my face. Sumedh sits crying. Its morning, Rukmani is sleeping. Kesar waits for Rukmani.

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She throws a plate and makes noise. Sumedh wakes up. Shivani gets happy. Kesar taunts her. Rupal thinks to make Kesar’s mood better. Kesar says everyone woke up and went to work, unlike our family members. He goes to wake up Rukmani. Kesar gets much angry. She says I will take a bucket of water to wake her up. Sumedh comes. Pankti asks why are your eyes red. Sumedh goes to make tea for Kesar. Kesar asks Rupal to go and wake up Rukmani. Sumedh asks Rupal to give the store keys. Kesar gives the keys. She says if you don’t want us to wake up your wife, then we won’t go, what happened in one night that you don’t understand my words. Sumedh gets sad. Rukmani comes. Sumedh sees her.

Shivani asks Rukmani to have thandai. Rukmani dances with Sumedh. Kesar stops Rukmani. She cries and says I didn’t take any drugs. Sumedh defends Rukmani and scolds Jamkudi.