1st Epi – Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Amrita’s mother tries to buy flowers but she hesitates to buy the flowers hearing the price of the flowers.

Harsha brings Amrita to the flower vendor and pays the money to the flower vendor by taking money from Amrita. Amrita and Harsha get on the bridge and give a flower shower to their parents and wish them a happy anniversary.

Harsh and Amrita come to their parents. Jahan Kaur comes and greets Amrita’s parents and teases them. Amrita’s mother sees that her husband is really well dressed so she takes Harsha for the shopping.

Jayesh gets calls continuously to his phone but he cuts the call and doesn’t attend the call. Amrita takes Jayesh so that they can eat something. Amrita later talks to Jayesh about her new business saying the bank has agreed to grant her loan. Amrita says to Jayesh that the bank is going to give them 75 percent and says they have to invest the rest of 25 percent. Amrita says to Jayesh that she is going to break the FD and use that money. Jayesh gets worried hearing this.

Bhavani says to Jahan that the Sate family match she brought are coming today to see Amrita. Bhavani asks Jahan to arrange a meeting in her house. Bhavani says to Jahan how much Amrita has done for their family as she broke off her marriage 3 years ago and has done 2 jobs to help financially got their jewelry out of the mortgage when Jayesh’s business has suffered a terrible loss. Jahan agrees.

Amrita asks Jayesh for some water. Jayesh drops his phone. Amrita sees the message that Jayesh got on his phone. Amrita asks Jayesh about it. Jayesh makes up a reason and says there is nothing. Jayesh calls the Shikha and says Amrita saw her message. Jayesh asks Shikha not to contact him today. Jayesh agrees and says that he knows that his house is on his name and asks Shikha to give him some time.

Bhavani asks Jahan to make up a reason to take her family for their home. Bhavani comes to her family after the shopping. Bhavani says to Amrita that they are going to Jahan house. Amrita asks Bhavani why is that. Jahan says today Bhavani should also take rest as today is Bhavani’s anniversary.

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Jahan and Amrita’s family come to their apartments. Amrita asks Jahan if she took the permission as they would like to decorate the terrace. Jahan says to Amrita that she has all the permissions and asks Amrita not to worry.

Amrita gets a call from the Bank manager and he asks Amrita to go to Virat Ahuja and and take his signature. Amrita says to the bank manager that Virat Ahuja is Kalyani’s
Client. The bank manager says Kalyani took pregnancy leave so she has to go in place of Kalyani.

Bhavita and Mukesh wait for the Shikawat family to close the deal.

Shikawat’s come after a while. Bhavita greets them and invites them onto the yacht. The reporters also question if there is going to be a deal in between them. Bhavita’s husband handles the reporters.

Jayesh says to Bhavani that there is no more time. Bhavani says to Jayesh not to speak like that and says today a match is coming to see Amrita and asks Jayesh to atleast wait until Amrita’s marriage is over.

Amrita sees that Bhavani and Jahan arranged her wedding looks in Jahan Kaur’s house. Bhavani later brings Amrita infront of the Groom’s family. Jahan introduces Gowtham to Amrita saying he also works in a bank just like her. Amrita gets a call from the Bank manager and she goes to a side to take it. The Bank Manger says to Amrita that Kalyani is having labour pains so he asks Amrita to go and take Virat’s signature right away. Amrita signals Jayesh. Jayesh asks Amrita to go.

Bhavita and Mr Shikawat talk about the marriage alliance between Rajiv Shikawat and Nimrit Ahuja. Bhavita asks Shikawat not to worry and says all the money will be transferred today. Mr Shikawat feels happy hearing this.

Nimrit gets down from the car after a while. Nimrit asks her dad where is Virat. He says Virat is on the way.

Amrita comes to Ahuja’s party location to take his signature. Amrita video calls Jayesh. Jayesh accidentally attends the call.

Jayesh is shown to be talking to Shikha his girlfriend. Shikha argues with Jayesh as he doesn’t tell about her to his family or others.

Amrita later sees Virat making a grand entry to the party with throwing money all around. Amrita sees the kids picking up the money thrown by Virat.

Episode ends.