1st Epi – Dabangii 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya longs for her father

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The Episode starts with a boy telling about Arya. He praises her and calls her Dabangii. Arya is seen playing the dhol. She gets the dhol artists there. Everyone prays in the aarti. She breaks a coconut and prays to Ganpati. Pandit asks another girl to greet Bappa. Arya looks on. She says you don’t keep your promise, make me meet my dad this year, mum says he never gets a leave and fights the goons, get my dad a leave. Her mum prays that Arya never meets her dad. She says I m leaving the villagers and shifting to new places just to save Arya from her dad. In Pune Jail, Inspector comes to wake up Abhinandan Bhau. He says court has released you. Abhi smiles and leaves. Many people come to greet him. His mum comes there with the family to receive him. The people chant their names with respect. His Aai says your Bhau Saheb is going to come out now. His Vahini acts dizzy. The media rushes to her and asks are you okay. Vahini says I have a fast today. Aai thinks she is a drama queen. Arya plays with her friend. She goes to get modak for him. They argue with the big boys. Arya runs and initiates a fight with them. Arya’s mum Chaya works hard in some factory.

The supervisor stares at her and scolds her. She covers herself. He says I want to help you, your husband isn’t with you, you have a daughter, you are poor, work under me, you will be getting a profit. He gets a call from his wife and rushes. The boy comes to Chaya and tells about Arya. The boy’s mum scolds Chaya. Arya thinks mum will beat me now. Chaya sees Arya and sees the bruises on her face. She argues with the people and defends Arya. Arya lies more. She says don’t cry, I m not much hurt, its okay. The lady says she is a criminal. Abhi gets ready. Arya argues with the lady. The supervisor comes and sees his son’s wound. He scolds Chaya and Arya. His son calls Arya a beggar. The man taunts her for not having a father. Arya says you talk to your son. He says wait, you… She makes him fall. Chaya looks for Arya. She says I told you many times, don’t do anything that we come in anyone’s sight. Arya says I know I m a policeman’s daughter, I will keep his name. Chaya says if I didn’t come today, then who would have saved you, what will you do without me. She explains Arya. Arya doesn’t listen. She takes the prasad and runs. Chaya explains her to not care for anyone’s words. Arya jokes and hugs her. She says my dad is coming. Chaya asks what. Arya says yes, Bappa is sending him. Chaya recalls Abhi.

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She thinks how shall I tell you, your dad isn’t a policeman but a murderer. Abhi comes out of the jail. Arya says we can’t even call him, I don’t know how he looks. Abhi asks Chandrao did you find them. Chandrao says we are finding them since 8 years, we didn’t find them anywhere. Abhi recalls how he got arrested 8 years back. He says you are my sister’s husband, so I m saying with love else I would have slapped you, smile now. Chandrao smiles. Abhi says do as I say, I want them before Visarjan, I will send you away with Bappa. Chaya hugs Arya.

Chaya sees Abhi on the tv and gets panicking. She leaves the village. Abhi does the aarti at home. Chaya takes Arya with her. Someone kidnaps Arya.