1st Epi – Atal 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Birth Of A Leader, Atal

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The episode starts with a voiceover describing that in 1924 when there was darkness everywhere, a ray of light was born. Pandit Krishna Bihari Vajpayee’s wife writhes in labor pain in a horse chariot. Krishna heads towards a hospital with on a cycle with the chariot following him. British officers stop him. Krishna gets his son Awadh down from the cycle and tells officer that his wife is in labor pain and should be taken to hospital soo. Officer says Indian have always one or the other problem, there is a British party going on and he can’t allow them further. Krishna says he is a government teacher and requests him to let them go. Officer refuses. Krishna’s mother says DIL is in severe pain and baby may die if she is not shifted to a hospital. Krishna’s neighbor who is a British officer walks to them and asks what is happening. Krishna reminds him that they are neighbors and requests him to let him take his wife to a hospital. Neighbor refuses to help him. Krishna pleads officer to let them go or else his baby will die.

Officer says let the baby die instead of being a slave. He frees chariot horse and says he freed the horse from slavery. Atal and his father hold chariot. Officer orders his subordinates to shoot them. Krishna takes his family back from there. He and his father carry chariot back to the village. Neighors rush to him and asks if they didn’t go to hospital. Krishna says Britishers refused to let them go, so they had to return home; delivery will happen at home now. Krishna’s wife Krishna is taken inside a house for delivery. His father tells midwife Dulari that his bahu/DIL and grandson are at her hands now. Krishna’s neighbor taunts him that he should have informed officers that he is Gwalior royal family’s dear one and is a famous poet, he should have recited a few poems to them. Another neighbor asks him to stop joking when Panditji is in trouble.

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Lady Krishna shouts in labor pain and stops shouting suddenly. Krishna knocks door and asks what happened. Midwife announces that a baby boy is born. Everyone congratulate Panditji. His father says his son is having a rajyog/royal fate. Indian officer neighbor taunts Krishna. Krishna gives him a befitting reply. His father says baby came into the world after much difficulty and with much determination/atal, so his name is Atal. Lady Krishna says she will call him Atal, Atla. Seven years pass. Atal’s parents search for him. He is seen performing surya namaskar in a river and then tells his grandfather he measured depth of a river while bathing. Grandfather says it’s good for him. Krishna says he wants to take Atal for admission in a English school. Awadh says if Krishna had admitted him in English schol

Precap: Atal watches Britishers punishing freedom fighters and asks his grandmother why is this all happening. Grandmother says this is what happens when one supports Bhagat Singh. Atal asks who is Bhagat Singh. Bhagat is given a death sentence. His supporters plan to stop his death sentence.