Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu worries for Abhinav


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu crying and saying if anything happens to Abhinav. Abhi says calm down, nothing will happen, I m there, you are his courage. Aarohi consoles Akshu. She says we will not let anything happen to Abhinav, drink some water. Anand says you and Abhinav were together, how did this happen. Abhi says we were sitting at the cliff, we were celebrating his birthday, he stood and slipped, I tried to save him but… Doctor says we need blood. Akshu asks doctor will you make Abhinav fine. She sees Abhinav in the OT. Doctor says I don’t want to give false hope, his condition is critical. She says you have to make him fine, doctor is like Lord, save him. He says we are trying our best, you have to be ready for every possibility. She cries and says he will get fine. Aarohi holds her. Manjiri says I told kids that Abhinav’s birthday party is going to happen at home, Anand just asked me to checkout from resort and take the kids fine, is it about Abhi. Shefali says no. Anand and Parth come home. Manjiri asks what happened, where is Abhi, is he okay. Parth says he is fine. Anand says but Abhinav isn’t okay, he is in the hospital. She asks why. He tells everything. Manjiri and Shefali are shocked.

Manish says Abhinav…. He recalls. Suwarna asks what happened. He shouts. He says I have to save Abhinav. She says stop, you aren’t fine, Kairav is there and Abhi is also there. He says Abhi isn’t right. She says he is a doctor. He says this happened because of him, I have seen him pushing Abhinav down and leaving his hand, I have to go to him. Surekha looks on and is shaken. Suwarna is shocked. Manjiri cries and says how did this happen, what will we tell Abhir. Abhir and Ruhi come. Abhir asks when are mum and dad coming, we have to start the party, where is doc man, did they leave me again. She says no, they will never get away from you. He asks where is everyone. She says they will come. Abhir asks are mum and dad coming here. She says yes. Nurse says this is your husband’s belongings. Akshu cries.

She hugs the belongings. She says Abhir’s call, how shall I tell him. Abhi says you have to tell him something, else he will worry more. She answers the call and smiles. He asks where are you. She says I came to get a water bottle from restaurant, car is getting fixed, Abhinav would have reached the airport, he has to go to Kasauli, Neela has some urgent bank work, so he went for 3-4 days. He asks are you telling the truth, promise. She says yes, promise, why would I lie.

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She ends call and cries. Abhi goes to hold her and stops. Abhir says something is wrong, mumma promised me, I feel she was lying. Ruhi says she will come home, don’t go anywhere. Muskaan says take me along. Kairav says no, look at your state, Akshu will get more scared, I will update you, nothing will happen to Abhinav, trust me. Muskaan says Abhinav can climb to any mountain, how did he slip, Abhi was with him, he had alcohol bottle, did this happen because of that. Surekha comes and says come with me. Suwarna says you need rest, Abhi can’t do this. Manish says you don’t know Abhi. Abhi asks what, me? Doctor says we need more hands on this. Abhi asks is there any heart problem. Doctor says his heart isn’t functioning well, it can be a heart failure, please come. Abhi says I have to go in. Akshu folds hands and cries. Abhi says don’t worry, I m there. Nurse asks Abhi to come fast. Akshu holds his hand. She says you are a big surgeon, you give 100% to every patient, you have to give more, Abhinav’s life is in your hands, you will write joy or sorrow in my life now. He says I will try more than I can. He goes. Kairav comes. Akshu hugs him and cries. He asks how is Abhinav. She says he isn’t fine. He says Abhi will make him fine, don’t cry. She says Abhir is messaging Abhinav again and again. He says he thinks Abhinav is in Kasauli. She checks Abhir’s video. Abhir wishes Abhinav on his birthday and shows the scrap book. Akshu and Kairav cry. Akshu replies it’s the best gift, you are my best son. Abhi comes. Akshu folds hands. He nods. Muskaan comes and catches Abhi. She pushes him on the floor. Akshu and Kairav are shocked.

Akshu hugs Abhinav. They both say I love you. He dies. She shouts doctor. Abhi is in jail. He thinks of Abhinav.