Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Everyone blames Abhi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manish and Kairav trying to call the fire brigade. Dadi and everyone pray. Akshu gets Abhir. Everyone rushes to him. Manish asks Aarohi to check Abhir. Kairav asks are you fine. Akshu says yes. Mahima checks Abhir. She asks where are Abhi and Manjiri. Akshu says he went to find her. Mahima worries. Manjiri shouts for help. Abhi comes and shouts Maa. She says I m here, Abhi. A girl Simmi cries. Her mum asks her to run outside. Abhi sees them. Simmi asks Abhi to save her mum. Her mum says just take Simmi outside. Manjiri shouts Abhi. Abhi says don’t panic, I m coming. He saves the lady and asks her to just go out. He says I have to save my mum. Manjiri’s shawl/curtain falls off. She coughs. Ruhi asks where is poppy. Abhir says Dida didn’t come. Kairav says fire brigade didn’t reach till now, is it a joke. Akshu asks the kids to pray. They pray. Abhi sees Manjiri. She also sees him. She shouts Abhi and falls. Some structure falls over Abhi. He shouts Maa. Abhi tries to get up. She extends hand and faints. He shouts help. Akshu comes and shouts Abhi. He says Maa… She runs to Manjiri and asks her to get up. She shouts somebody help. The fire brigade and medical staff comes. They take Manjiri and Abhi outside. Mahima checks Manjiri and says her pulse is feeble, I have to take her to the hospital immediately. Abhi looks on. Manish and everyone see Abhi. Abhi shouts Maa….

Manish says you aren’t fine, stop. Abhi runs and stumbles. He falls on the ground and cries. Everyone looks on. Manjiri is treated in the hospital. Everyone stands outside the ICU and looks on. Abhi asks why isn’t she getting conscious. Doctor says she inhaled smoke and oxygen supply to the brain was cut off, she can slip into coma. Mahima says no. Abhi steps back and sees Manjiri. He recalls Manjiri.

Simmi and her mum come. Her mum says thanks, you saved me, your mum was calling you, but you saved me by pitying my daughter, you saved my family from breaking. Simmi thanks him and asks him to take care. Mahima says you saved that lady, not Manjiri, my sister is in this state because of you. Anand says he is a doctor, its his duty to save lives. Surekha says he is a son first, he didn’t hear his mum’s call. Manish says he is a human first, he is a good person, he saved them for humanity. Suwarna says I didn’t mean that, if we got Manjiri outside before, then we would have not needed to bring her to hospital. Surekha says yes, first save mum and then others. Shefali says he did what he felt right, we weren’t there in that situation. Muskaan says we knew there is much smoke, he is a doctor, how didn’t he know the danger.

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Kairav says we are blaming him, we are standing safe here because of Abhi and Akshu, is he a superhero, he is a human. Aarohi says yes, he saved everyone, we are thankful, but he should have saved Manjiri first, Manjiri would have saved her son first and then anyone else. Akshu recalls the past. Manish says don’t make him feel guilty, he is a good son. Parth comes and says no, he isn’t a good son, you think he is perfect and you made him MD, he isn’t capable to take care of his mum, how will he take care of hospital, he left the position for a personal reason, you want to give this responsibility to a weak person. Doctor asks nurse to get the injection. Anand and Mahima ask what happened. Doctor says patient is sinking, her brain may go on shut down mode, she may have multiple organ failure and go in coma. Everyone worries. Anand asks Mahima not to worry. Mahima says anything can happen to Manjiri. Akshu goes. Shivu, Abhir and Ruhi pray for Manjiri. Dadi asks Kanha not to let anything bad happen. Akshu comes with a guitar. Everyone looks at her. She asks can I sing Maa’s fav song and try music therapy on her. Abhi says please, save Maa. She nods.

Akshu says music therapy… Doctor says you think it’s a joke. She says please let me try. Mahima nods to doctor. He says just hurry up, you just have 5 mins. Akshu sits and sings Piya tose… She plays guitar too. Everyone looks on. Manjiri moves her fingers. Abhi says Maa… Everyone smiles.

Manjiri asks is Abhi fine. Akshu says yes. She asks Abhi to come to Manjiri. She says everything will be fine, I promise. Muskaan looks on.