Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Manish arrives at the resort


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Yuvraj coming to Abhira. He says people get flowers, chocolates and wine at this stage, I have got a gift from husband’s phase, I got a cylinder, my dad is a MLA, you should take an advantage. She shouts stop. He says omg, how sweet, Bhabhi said and the Devars stopped. He asks them to go inside. She gets jerk from a guy. He asks how did you touch my Abhira. He hurts the guy. Abhira says leave him, I said stop it. He says anything with you. She asks him to leave, else she will blast at him. He says no one has this attitude, I like it, slow down, it’s the first meet, vent anger next time. He asks them to say sorry to Abhira and keep the cylinder back. He takes her pic and says perfect, will you become Mrs. Yuvraj. She asks will you go empty handed or with insult. He smiles and goes to his car. He drives and presses horn asking her to move aside. She doesn’t move. He takes the car reverse. He continues to press horn. She gets angry and picks a paper weight to hit the car. Its Armaan’s car. Everyone is shocked.

Abhira worries seeing Armaan and Poddar family. Abhira says sorry. Armaan says stop this nonsense. Sanjay scolds her. Armaan says I will handle it. Vidya says call the manager. They all ask her to call the manager. Abhira tries to say. She goes and comes with a smile. She says I m the manager, you have to complain about me to me, I m Abhira. Dadi says we shall leave. Vidya says we will stay else it will be a loss. Dadi says I can’t tolerate this girl. Abhira says no, please stop. Armaan worries for the family. He throws the toy tortoise away. Abhira says sorry, try to understand, I m telling the truth, don’t go, I m requesting you. They all sit in the car. She pleads. She thinks what to do. She throws some sharp nail patch in front of the car tyre and punctures it. She thinks so sorry, I had to stop all of you, I can’t see my mum upset. They all stop and check the puncture. She asks them to stay back for a few days. She says our resort is very good, give me one chance to rectify my mistake. Sanjay says enough, we are going. Abhira starts singing Bumro and dances. The resort girls also join. Abhira makes them wear the garlands and welcomes them. She thinks what shall I do, they aren’t agreeing, I will try mumma’s trick, they are from Udaipur. She plays the dhol and dances on Teri hui… Everyone smiles.

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The resort staff comes. Vidya says Maasa, we will stay back if this girl is insisting. Dadi says okay. Abhira welcomes them and gets happy. Armaan jokes on her. She argues. She says sorry. She makes excuse for the tyre puncture. She says sorry to spoil your family time, you came with your family, it would look special, right, I promise, I will try my best that its your best holiday, you will get related to the mountains. He gives money and says its for your staff and dancers. She says your maths is fast, so you have calculated the car windshield price and deducted it. She says I will take the bags. He says I will take it. She goes.

Akshu talks to her friend. She says Abhira comes to teach me what to say, she is in LLB finals. Her friend says she handles resort with passion. Akshu says she has too much of passion, I hope she handles things. She leaves. Abhira tries to ignite stove. She gets Akshu’s call. Akshu asks what did you do. Abhira drops the phone in the stove. Akshu calls on the landline. She hears the dhol sound and turns to see. She sees Yuvraj. Yuvraj gives her a bouquet and says its my good wishes for you. Akshu says I don’t need this luck, who are you. He says I m MLA’s Jagrat Singh’s only son, he has sent me here to respect you. She says ask him to worry for your identity, did you understand, this is court, not a mandap, don’t do a drama here. He says right, I won’t do this again, I will do this in marriage mandap, I will see you soon. He leaves.

Abhira pours the water and saves the phone. She checks it. She puts kerosene again and tries to light the stove. She says elders should be there in the family to teach such stone age things. Manish smiles hearing her and sits to talk. She asks who are you. He says Parnana. She asks whose. He says Ruhi Birla. She says I heard this name. He says you took her booking. She says so sorry. He stops her and talks to her. He says sorry, there was no one at reception so I came here. She says you go there, I will just come. He laughs hearing her. He says whatever happens is for the good, I will remember you. She calls him Parnana ji. He stops. Yeh Rishta kya….plays…

Ruhi meets Armaan. He likes her. Abhira says Parnana ji has ignited the stove. Akshu worries.