Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhir comes to Birla house


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhir waving to everyone. He leaves. Yeh Rishta kya ….plays… Akshu, Abhinav and everyone cry. Manish holds them. He consoles them. Abhi and Abhir come to the temple. Abhir recalls Akshu and Abhinav’s words. Abhi says I know you might be scared right now, but don’t worry, just remember two things, its not your mistake and Mahadev will always protect you, so I got you here, you take his blessings, your life has changed, our relation has also changed, don’t worry, take time, I know you will miss your mum and dad, give time to this new relation, you can ask me anything anytime. Abhir asks when did you know you are my real dad. Abhi says my mind got to know it before your surgery, but the first time I met you, my heart felt some connection. Abhir asks how. Abhi says I don’t know how, I used to think about you and feel protective, our habits are also same, we shout the same way when we get hurt. Abhir recalls him. He asks why didn’t you come to live with us. Abhi says I have my family here, everyone is here, they need me here, I know everyone loves you a lot in Kasauli, I promise everyone will love you the same here.

Abhir sees Akshu and Abhinav’s pic in his locket. Abhi asks him to come. They come home. Abhi shouts Birlas, we have come. Manjiri says welcome, our king. Ruhi hugs Abhir and says I know you are not happy here, I m with you. Manjiri says let me do the aarti. She does Abhir’s aarti and cries. She says my grandson came to me, I can’t believe it. She pinches her hand. Abhi says its not a dream. Manjiri hugs Abhir. Anand says we are also standing in line. Abhi says sorry, you guys have to wait. Abhir greets Anand and touches his feet. Anand says Akshu and Abhinav have taught good values to the child. He hugs Abhir. Abhi introduces everyone. They all hug Abhir. Aarohi says come to me if you need anything, okay, I m with you. Abhi says we have to go and meet a special person. He takes Abhir to Mahima. Mahima blesses Abhir and goes.

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Abhir thinks doc man’s house is good and big, but I want to go home and I want my mum and dad. Akshu and Abhinav come inside their room. They cry. He says Abhir was always with us, he was the noise and peace between us, he was the foundation of our relation, we became husband and wife now, we were his parents before. Abhinav says Abhir was waiting for us to stop him but we didn’t stop him, we broke his heart, he was crying because of me. She says it wasn’t in our hands, but we can decide what will happen, 120 hours waiting for the weekend, just 100 hours left to meet him, think what will we do when we get him here for 2 days, we will talk to him and love him a lot, and take him for an outing. She gets sad and says I can’t be with him all the time, if he needs me on weekdays, will I become mum only on weekends, who am I, if I m not his mum. Abhir says you have given him birth, you will always be his mum, no one can take your place. She says you will be his dad always. Abhir thinks of Abhinav. Abhi ties the drawstring of Abhir’s pyjama. He says you can tell me if you need anything. Abhinav walks in darkness. He hears Abhir calling him out. He sees Abhir and cries happily. He runs and says oh, you are troubling me, I will catch you, you want to play hide and seek with me. He catches Abhir and hugs him. He says I won’t let you go anywhere. He sees Abhir gone. He cries and says come to me once, hug me once, I miss you a lot. Akshu sees Abhir’s pic. She switches the lamp on and off.

Abhi asks Abhir to have feed. Abhir and Akshu get hiccups. Manjiri says we will take him to hospital. Akshu comes there. Abhir thinks mumma came to take me.