Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Manjiri falls in danger


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kairav getting Pallavi’s call. He says okay, I will come, we will go and see that work. Manish asks what happened. Kairav says new manager Pallavi isn’t able to handle the work, I have to go, its imp. Manish says okay. Muskaan argues. He leaves. She says I know you are hiding something, I will also find out. Everyone ties the dupattas and show their Tashan. They chant Jai Kanhaiya. Abhi sees Akshu and thinks she is upset with me, she will be double excited to make me lose. The lights bulbs flicker. Manish turns to see. Manjiri holds her shoulder in pain. Akshu slips. Abhi shouts Akshara. Abhir says I have to go to washroom. Ruhi asks him to go fast. He plays a flute and goes. Suwarna says your shoulder is paining, go and apply the spray, its in the first aid box. Manjiri goes. Akshu thinks I don’t have to look down. Abhi smiles seeing her. They both get the coconut. Surekha says we will show the boys. Manish says come on Abhi, its about respect. Abhi signs Akshu to break the Matki. She signs him to break Matki. He signs no. She breaks the matki. Everyone claps. Abhi smiles and breaks the Matki. Abhi thinks why do I feel like I m going to lose something.

The meter box explodes and fire spreads. Akshu jokes on Abhi. Anand says Akshu was going to fall. Akshu says I got saved, we won. Abhi says if we made you lose, then you would have called us rude boys. The girls call them losers. Abhi sees the lights. He asks why did the fan stop. Manish says power fluctuation. Manjiri applies the spray. Akshu asks where did Abhir go. Ruhi says he went to washroom. Abhi asks where is mum. Suwarna says she went to apply spray, she had shoulder pain. Abhir holds the door knob and says how did it get so hot, from where is the smoke coming. He coughs. Manjiri sees the fire and gets shocked.

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Abhir shouts mumma, doc man, help…. Manjiri falls there. Kairav comes and says office work is over. Muskaan says Janmashtami celebration is also over. Manish says they had apologized to each other, shall we go and ask. Abhi says husband and wife are talking. Manish says come, we will see. He asks what happened, all good. Kairav says yes, Muskaan has a problem with my office work. Muskaan says he spends much time there. She goes. Manish says come with me.

Ruhi says Abhir is still there. Akshu says maybe he is playing outside. Abhi says we will go and find mum. Abhir shouts. Manjiri shouts Abhi. The people see the smoke and shout there is fire spreading behind the pandal. Akshu and Abhi come and ask Dadi to come. They see the Radha Krishna idol and shift it. Manjiri covers herself with a curtain and prays. Dadi prays for her family’s safety. Abhi says go out, call the fire brigade. Akshu says go, Abhi is with me. Abhi says Maa and junior are still… They run. She shouts Abhir… Maa….

Akshu prays to kanha ji. Abhir plays flute. Abhi says voice is coming. Akshu says its coming from washroom. Abhi tries to open the door. Akshu says we have come, are you inside. Abhir says I can’t breathe. She says just wait. Abhi says you make the stole wet and tie it to your face. Akshu says you can do it, you are strong, are you fine. Abhir plays flute to answer. Abhi says we understood your answer, I m going to break the door, step back. Akshu says give us signal. Abhir plays flute. Abhi breaks the door.

Akshu hugs Abhir. Abhi says relax, breathe. Abhir says I thought no one will come. Abhi says we will always come. She says we have to find Dida. Abhi says I will find her, you take junior out. Akshu says take care.

Akshu sees Manjiri and rushes to her. Mahima says we have to take her to hospital. The lady thanks Abhi for saving her instead his mum. Everyone blames Abhi. Akshu looks on.