Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Parth makes a demand


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone dancing on Nagada sang dhol… Some glass pieces are fallen on the floor. Abhi says I m sorry, I wasn’t taunting about the past, I was tense, sorry. Akshu goes. Muskaan asks how long will you stay angry. Kairav says until you remove these suspicious thoughts, we have to work on our marriage. They argue. Abhi plays dhol. Akshu sees the broken glass. She shouts Abhimanyu and pulls him. Abhi turns and sees the broken glass. Its morning, Aarohi says we are getting late. Shefali says kids aren’t ready.

Mahima asks where is everyone. Parth comes and says I m not going anywhere, why shall I do a drama, smiling and appearing happy, you don’t care for my happiness. He argues with Anand and Mahima. She says Abhi has improved a lot, everyone respects him. He says well done, you joined him. Anand says Abhi is your brother, this is your family, you have Shivu’s responsibility. Parth says he has Abhir and Ruhi’s responsibility. Mahima says ask for anything else than MD position, I will give it. He says division, I want everything that I have a right on. Mahima raises hand. Abhi comes with Manjiri. He stops Mahima. He says you are slapping Parth. He asks do you really want this division. Parth says yes, I m tired of proving myself, I want the control in my hands. Manjiri scolds him.

She says we have forgiven your 100 mistakes and we are together, aren’t you ashamed to say you want to leave us and go. Aarohi gets Akshu’s call. Akshu asks what, Parth wants a partition. Aarohi says Abhi and Manjiri are talking to him, sorry, I don’t think we can come today. Akshu says I understand, tell me if you want any help.

Abhi explains Parth. He says I won’t be MD always, you become MD next time. Parth says I know you are happy, don’t show you aren’t happy. Shefali says he is happy, he has worked hard and got a reward, he used to work day and night, you didn’t work hard and you are jealous of him. Parth says don’t get into this. Abhi says don’t fight please. Aarohi says yes, Shivu is at home. Abhi says take 6 months time, convince everyone, I will resign from MD position, if you think injustice is happening then you do as you wish. Manjiri says I won’t let you do this. He says we can’t force Parth. Anand says fine. Mahima says I agree, I don’t want more drama. Parth says fine, Shefali and my chapter got closed, my dad always hated me, mom supported me, today she also…. You would be happy, you have everything, but one day will come when you will have nothing, your support, your strength, your mum won’t be with you. Abhi says don’t say this else.. Parth asks else what. Mahima says stop it, Parth prove yourself, end of it, we will go for Janmashtami function. Akshu says I don’t think they will come. Manish says we shouldn’t go. Suwarna says I will talk to Manjiri. Akshu says Aarohi has messaged, they are coming. Manish says maybe Parth agreed. They leave.

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Manish says make it higher. Kairav gets a message. Muskaan looks on. Ruhi asks why don’t girls break the Matka. Surekha says her question is right. Akshu says we should also break it. Dadi says yes, good idea. Manish says you can’t climb up. She says I can beat you with my stick, Manish, get another handi tied for the girls. Manish says fix one more. Akshu says we want it higher. Abhi jokes and they all laugh. Akshu answers him. They all argue.

Abhi says sorry from all of us, if you get hurt, we will feel bad, break the handi, but keep the height low. Akshu says no way. Abhi says fine then. Kairav says they just do drama. Dadi beats Abhi and says we will keep a match, boys versus girls. Everyone claps. Abhi asks what will the winner get. Akshu says respect. Shivu asks Mahima why didn’t Papa come. Dadi says if everyone comes, then who will handle the hospital. Mahima thanks her. Dadi says trust your upbringing, Parth can’t stay away from his family, don’t worry. Ruhi says Akshu is light weight. Abhi laughs and says don’t say that, Ruhi. Dadi says I will cheer for you. Abhi prays.

Akshu slips. Abhi shouts Akshara. Manjiri and Abhir get trapped.