Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kairav learns Abhir is missing


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parth saying I called the police, they will come. Aarohi says we should inform Akshu. Manjiri says no, if she is sick and knows Abhir isn’t here, she will fall sicker. Parth says I think police have come. Kairav and Muskaan come. Aarohi says we were going to tell you. He stops her. Kairav and Muskaan fold hands and request Manjiri. Muskaan says Akshu isn’t fine, let us take Abhir to Akshu, she will get fine if she sees Abhir once. Kairav says I beg you for Akshu’s life, please take Abhir to Kasauli, I promise you, no one will try to snatch him from you. He apologizes to Abhi and says please take Abhir to Kasauli. Abhi says Kairav…. They see the police coming. Abhi says Sir, my son is missing. Kairav and Muskaan are shocked. Inspector asks when did you see him last time. Abhi says night.

Aarohi stops Kairav. Kairav catches Abhi’s collar and scolds him. He says Abhir is just 6 year old, you lost him, you all don’t know about him, do you take care of him this way. He scolds Abhi. He says Abhir was happy with his parents, a child isn’t a piece of land that you will stamp your name, its not a property case, you don’t deserve to become a father. Abhi says enough, I don’t care what you think of me, I m his dad, you are his uncle, you are hurt, think what I m going through, sorry, I can’t hear your nonsense. He asks Inspector to find his son. Abhir asks how far is the station. The man says its very far, where is your mum. Abhir says outside there. He sees the kachoris. He recalls Akshu and Abhinav. He sees the price board. He thinks if I take kachori, I will fall short of money to buy ticket. The man asks do you want something. Abhir says no, my parents will scold me. He drinks water. He leaves. Abhinav sees Akshu. She says its 2pm, Abhir’s school time is over, he might have reached home, call Abhi. He says calm down, I will do. Abhi talks to inspector. His phone is on silent. Manjiri sees the call and thinks Kairav might have told Abhinav. Abhinav says he would be driving. Akshu says no, call him. Nishta gets Shivu and Ruhi downstairs. Manjiri asks why did you call the kids. Abhi says just to question them, don’t worry. Shefali asks the kids to tell the truth to the police.

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Inspector asks Shivu did Abhir say anything, was he worried for some problem. Shivu says I don’t know anything. Inspector asks Ruhi to say. She runs to her room. Manjiri says she was close to Abhir, she is worried for him, don’t ask them more. Inspector says it’s a basic routine, small info makes the case strong. Akshu says I want to talk to Abhir, call Manish or Kairav, ask them to make me talk to Abhir. Suwarna, Manish, Surekha and Dadi cry. They worry for Abhir.

Abhinav calls Manish. Manish, Suwarna and Kairav say we can’t talk to them. Surekha takes the call. She asks how is Akshu. He says she got conscious, but fever isn’t going away. She says I will send you kada recipe, you feed it to her, take care. He asks did any of you talk to Abhir, Abhi isn’t answering. Surekha says yes, Abhir and Ruhi are coming here in the evening. He says make a video call, Akshu wants to see Abhir. She says sure, you know kids, its not fixed when they will come, call us if you need anything, we all are with you. He says fine. She ends call and cries. Akshu asks what did Surekha say. Abhinav says she said Abhir and Ruhi will come home, don’t take tension, send this fever away, Abhir won’t like it if he sees you like this. He thinks something is wrong, Surekha never spoke to me nicely, I m also worried, is Abhir in any problem. Abhir gets tired. He looks for water. Aarohi says don’t cry, we will find Abhir. She goes to get water. Ruhi says Abhir, where are you, everyone is sad. She calls Abhir. She prays. Abhir sees some men talking. He goes to take the water bottle from the van. He faints down. Akshu says I have to talk to my baby and see him, I will call Abhi. The windchime/ribbons fall down. She says no, this can’t break, its my promise to Abhir.

Abhi hugs the blanket and cries. Akshu asks how don’t you know about Abhir, I want him. She scolds him.