Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Rohit patch up


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan seeing the childhood video clips. He cries. Tera yaar hoon mai….plays…. Rohit sees their childhood pic. He recalls his moments with Armaan. Armaan says you used to come to me if anyone troubled you, why aren’t you coming to me when life is troubling you, what happened, what has changed, tell me, I m not able to do anything and understand. Rohit recalls Armaan’s words. He cries. Dadi comes and knocks the door. Rohit opens the door. She asks what happened to you, tell me, what’s the problem, work related or is it about me, I have stopped you from taking Armaan’s help, take his help if you want, he loves you a lot, the day you go ahead of him in career, he will be the most happy. He says I want your help, you can’t say no. Suwarna is on call. She says we will come. Dadi says get Manish and Surekha also, I will wait. Surekha says I will not come. Manish says even I won’t come. Suwarna says she is calling us there. Surekha asks did she call us to apologize. He says even then I won’t come. Suwarna worries.

Armaan comes to his room. He sees Abhira keeping her clothes in the cupboard. He says I think you came to my room to mess it up. Abhira writes on the notepad and shows him. He reads… its your mistake, you planned for honeymoon and it got cancelled, shall I not unpack. He says behave mature, please. She writes… look at your maturity. He says remove the tape. She signs no. He takes the book and sees Abhira making a bull drawing. He asks is this me. She signs yes. Krish comes and says police has come looking for you. Inspector says Armaan, you are under arrest. Everyone is shocked. Vidya asks what’s happening. Armaan says I don’t know, I will come back by evening. Madhav says you can’t take my son. Sanjay asks what’s the charges. Inspector says we will talk in the police station. Abhira runs after Armaan. They stop at the door and start dancing. Armaan and everyone look on. Dadi shouts surprise. Rohit bursts the poppers. Everyone smiles. The police leaves. Dadi says welcome to Poddar’s new year party. Manisha says I was so scared. Dadi says I didn’t know fake police can do such real acting. Vidya says you scared us. Manoj says yes. Dadi says hold Rohit’s ears, it was his idea. Vidya says not even Aryan pulls such a big prank. Rohit says sorry, but I had to punish Armaan. Aryan asks what’s his mistake. Rohit says he gave me much love, and also his share of rights, why, he should have kept something for himself. Armaan says you are there for me, its enough. Rohit and Armaan hug. Suwarna recalls Ruhi’s words. Armaan asks what did I do. Rohit says you can’t make any mistake. Armaan asks what happened then. Rohit says I realized I have to grow up, you all have always supported me, now its my turn, I have to become sensible, mature and boring person like you, so I got scared. Armaan asks are you sure. Rohit says yes. Sanjay sees Manish and goes. Suwarna says Armaan and Rohit’s problem got solved, if Rohit knows your truth, then relations will get tangled, please forget Rohit and focus on your marriage. Ruhi sees Armaan and recalls his words. She sees Rohit and recalls his words. Abhira sees the snacks and picks a burger. She thinks no, I won’t remove the tap, ego is something, I won’t say anything then he will know his family fights, I don’t, I won’t remove the tape until he says sorry. Dadi comes and asks what’s this. Abhira signs to explain her. Everyone looks on. Armaan says sorry Dadisa. He takes Abhira with him. He says remove the tape. She signs no. She runs. He runs after her. Music plays… He holds her close and removes the tape. They have an eyelock.

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She shouts Armaan… He feeds the sandwich and says have this. He goes. She says I will eat first. She coughs. Rohit gives her water. She thanks him. He holds his ears and says sorry, you were right. She says no, its okay. He says no one tells me anything, you should scold me, Armaan was convincing me when I misbehaved with him. She says he loves you a lot. He says sorry. She says everyone is happy, I like to see this. He says this party was necessary, I wanted to see them happy for the final time. She asks what. He says yes, it’s the last day of the year, new year will begin tomorrow. He gets sad. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I m seeing them happy after a long time, so I got emotional. She says yes, they stay worried because of me, why are you giving this helpless look. He says all the best, you will need it. She says its okay, everything will get fine. She thinks I will go in a year. She says you are there to help me. He says I won’t be there. She asks what do you mean, Rohit…

Everyone dances in the party. Sher khulgaye…. Dadi shouts happy new year. Armaan calls out Rohit. Vidya asks where is Rohit.