Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi drops Abhir to school

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhi feeling cold and sitting awake. He takes medicines. Akshu comes and says you are sneezing since a long time, I got hot oil and this quilt, I know your allergy. She asks do you really think it will be easy for you, to stay here with us, Abhinav will always be Abhir’s dad, don’t have faith hopes, you are putting him in a difficult situation. He says I don’t want to snatch anything from anyone, I know you have raised Abhir well, I want to make my place in his life, I will stay here. She goes. Muskaan gets Kairav’s call. She says why isn’t Kairav letting me move on, what does he want. Kairav is sleeping. He checks his phone and the call connected to Muskaan. He disconnects and says oh no. She says sorry, this shouldn’t happen again, we should be away. He says what would she think, I will call and tell her, I will message her. He messages her and says sorry. He says messages aren’t getting delivered, it means she blocked me.

Its morning, Abhi thinks bread jam always. Akshu thinks its homestay, not any five star hotel. He asks can I get anything else in breakfast. She asks him to go to kitchen and make anything he wants. She says Abhinav went for work, I m studying, you can help yourself. He thanks her. She says shoes aren’t allowed in kitchen. He says of course, I will listen to you. He removes the shoes and goes to kitchen. He says its so messy, she didn’t change. He arranges the things. She says of course, he is still the same, OCD. She gets disturbed. They both make sounds by hitting the plate and glass. Abhir comes and says break everything. Akshu says no, I was killing a cockroach. He says you scold me so much, you are making so much noise. Abhi says I will make breakfast, tell me, what do you want. Abhir asks what else comes in breakfast.

Abhi says I will make desi pan cakes. Abhir helps him in finding ingredients. He says I should know cooking, she taught me to make daal rice, she said boys and girls should know all the work, when I get married, I should know everything to help my wife. Abhi says you are very cute. He hugs Abhir. Abhinav says my work started in Kasauli again, I will drop the guest and go to Abhir’s school. Abhir waits for Abhinav. Akshu says he will come, I will drop you. Abhir says no, you study else you will fail. Abhi asks shall I drop him, its first day, I will go as a guardian, please. Abhir says yes, I will go with doc man. She talks to Abhinav. He asks Akshu to take Abhir to school, he will come on time. Abhir asks shall I go with doc man. She says fine. Abhi takes Abhir with him. Aarohi sees Ruhi tying the shoe lace. Ruhi says Abhi said he will come in few days. Aarohi thinks Abhi should have not gone there. Abhi says your school is beautiful. He calls Manjiri and makes her talk to Abhir. Abhir jokes and asks her not to cry. She asks him to come back. Abhir asks her to come to Kasauli. Abhi says bless him, its his first day today. She blesses Abhir. She asks Abhi to be with Abhir. She says learn to get your rights. Abhi says I have no time for this. She argues. Kairav comes to meet Muskaan. She doesn’t listen. He holds her hand. She scolds him. He says I have come here to talk. She goes. He sees Manish there. Abhi asks Abhir to go to his classroom, Abhinav will come. He takes Abhir and says I will send Abhinav when he comes, best of luck. He stays at the door. Abhir sees the kids with their dads. Abhir thinks my dad didn’t come. He gets sad. Abhi thinks sorry, I want to help you but….

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Akshu says Abhir has got to know Abhinav isn’t his father. Abhinav says its tough for me, I m not Abhir’s real father. Abhir hears this and cries. He thinks who is my dad.