Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Abhinav


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu consoling Abhir. Abhir wishes Abhi comes soon. Ruhi is scared. She plays Akshu’s voice recording and hears the bhajan also. Abhir prays for Abhinav. He says I know superhero comes to save another superhero sometimes. Abhi checks the message. He comes to Abhinav’s house and runs. Abhir says please Kanha ji, send some superhero to save my super Papa. Abhi comes and shouts Junior. Akshu cries. Abhi sees Abhinav. Abhir says superhero has come, I called him. He thanks Abhi and says help Papa. Abhi says don’t worry, nothing will happen to your dad. He treats Abhinav.

He asks is there a medical shop nearby. She tells him the way. Abhir says I will take you here, I know the way. Akshu says wait, take the car, be careful. Abhi says don’t worry, I will take care of son. Everyone worries for Ruhi. Manish asks how did Ruhi get locked. Nishta says maybe it got locked when I left. Manjiri scolds her. Ruhi is hearing the bhajan. They all get inside and see Ruhi fine. They get happy. Ruhi says I m okay. Manjiri says she is naughty. Manish jokes. Abhi and Abhir go to the medical. He says everything will be fine. Abhir says my Papa is the best. Abhi says tell me more about him, you love him a lot. Abhir says when I was born, mumma was very weak, I got saved because of dad. Abhi asks how. Akshu says nothing should happen to Abhinav, Kanha ji please. Abhir says Papa saved me, nothing will happen to him. Abhi says you are lucky to get a dad like him. Abhir says he drives the car 12 hours so that I go to a good school, he comes home tired but plays with me. He talks a lot about Abhinav and says he is the best, I love my Papa. They reach the medical shop. Abhi says you have to stay strong for your dad and mumma’s sake, keep hope. Abhir says okay, do you also keep hope. Abhi says yes, I lost it years ago, stay in the car, don’t come out, I m taking the keys. Abhir thanks Abhi. Akshu prays for Abhinav. She turns and sees Abhi and Abhir at the door. Abhi says I got the injection, there is nothing to worry. He asks them not to worry, Abhinav will be okay. He says Abhir, go, I m with Abhinav, nothing will happen.

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Akshu takes Abhir. Abhi sits talking to Abhinav. He says I couldn’t save my family, I won’t let yours shatter, your family needs you. Ruhi plays with Kairav. Suwarna asks Ruhi to come and sing a bhajan to thank Kanha ji. Ruhi sings Akshu’s bhajan. Manjiri gets angry. She asks where did you learn this bhajan. Suwarna says please calm down. Ruhi hugs Kairav.

Manjiri says we got late, we should leave. Abhir says I will have food with dad. He runs. He asks how is dad now. Abhi says better. Abhir asks why didn’t he wake up till now, you are a good doctor, right, I mean did you give any wrong medicine. Abhi says no, you have to keep patience, talk to him, he will listen to you, your words will reach his heart. Abhir plays the harmonium. Abhinav reacts. Akshu and Abhi smile. Abhir says I love you Papa. Abhinav falls short of breath. Abhi checks him. Akshu asks Abhir not to worry, Kanha ji is with him, he has sent doctor Sir ji to save Abhinav. Abhi says I m here, I m seeing him, Akshu… Akshara. Akshu says we will make get well soon card for him. Abhir says no, I won’t go. He prays to Kanha ji for Abhinav. He says save my dad, else I will never worship you.

Abhi talks to Aarohi on video call. She asks are you staying at someone’s house. Akshu shouts to thank Abhi.