Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Abhinav leave for Kasauli


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu talking of Abhir. She says I always wanted Abhir to sing, he sang so well, it was the best feeling, he hugged me tightly, I couldn’t refuse to the job, I saw him smiling after a long time, I saw the old Abhir and got peace, he looks cute when he sings. Everyone looks on. Manjiri recalls Akshu’s words. She gets angry. Akshu says I m very happy, this will be Abhir and my secret time. A man comes and says there is a court order for you. She checks it and cries. She drops the paper. She shouts no, this can’t happen.

They all ask what happened. Abhinav and Kairav hold her. Manish picks the paper and reads. Akshu says no, such a big punishment. Manish says Birlas asked the court to pass the special order, now Akshu can’t meet Abhir on Saturday and Sunday also. Kairav asks why, just because she went to his school. Muskaan says we should talk to Abhi. Surekha says they should be ashamed doing this. Akshu shouts why. Abhi asks why did you do this, I can’t do this with Akshu, we can fight, we can have many disagreements, but I can’t do this with her. He argues with Manjiri. He says a child needs his mum and dad, both, he needs his mum more, Akshu doesn’t deserve this. Akshu says I don’t deserve this, how can they snatch my right, Abhir is my life. She throws things in anger. Dadi asks her to calm down. Akshu says why is this happening with me, why did Kanha ji snatch my child. Abhinav cries. Abhi says I won’t listen to anyone, I won’t keep my son away from his mum, I will cancel this order. Everyone looks on.

Abhinav hugs Akshu. They cry. Everyone cries. Dilon ko bandha….plays… Manish says take Akshu to Kasauli, Abhinav ji, this happened because of my mistake, I ruined her home, this will keep happening here, take her for a few days. Abhinav says we will go to Kasauli. Yeh Rishta…plays.. Abhi crushes the court order and gets angry. Akshu says I won’t leave Abhir and go anywhere, why shall I go, my son is here, I will stay here. Abhinav says we have to take tough decisions in life. She asks why shall we run away, I can’t leave him. He says this isn’t easy for you and me. She says our son can need us, no, we already got away from him, if anything happens to him. He says no, Abhi is with him. She says he isn’t happy there, he took a promise from me.

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He explains her and says think of Abhir, he has to live there, he isn’t able to leave the old and accept the new, he will get a chance to accept Abhi. She says you are asking me to forget my child. He says I m asking you to think of his happiness, once we go to Kasauli, Abhi will get stability in his life. Abhir is in his class. He says I will give this gift to my mumma.

He sees Akshu and goes to hug her. He sees someone else and says sorry, I thought its my mumma. She says I m the new music teacher. He says but principal gave the job to my mumma. She says she left the job, so I got appointed. He says mumma left the job, but she promised me. He cries. Akshu and Abhinav cry. She says stop me please. Kairav says you have to come back here, go to Kasauli for a few days, it will be a good change, you need this change. Abhinav says its good that we go to Kasauli. Suwarna says it’s a matter of a few days. Muskaan says I will go to airport with them, then I will go to office. Kairav says thanks, I couldn’t tell Abhinav, please tell him, I m always with him. She nods. Abhinav, Akshu and Muskaan leave. Abhi comes home. He says I want to talk to Akshu, I have filed a petition to cancel the court order, I have to tell her, call her. Surekha scolds him. Abhi says call Akshu. Suwarna says she isn’t here. Abhi says maybe she went to Abhir’s school, call Abhinav. Kairav says they both…. Manish stops Kairav. They all go inside the house. Abhi worries.
Abhir says I have to reach mumma somehow. Ruhi sees him leaving. Aarohi says Abhir is nowhere. Police comes home.