Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu proves Abhi’s innocence


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu signing Abhi. Shefali asks Manjiri to trust Akshu. Suwarna says your anger is justified, but Akshu is fighting this case for a big reason. Manish says I don’t know its her big decision or big mistake. Akshu says I want to present a clip as an evidence, it will prove Abhi’s innocence. Judge grants her the permission. They see the video of Abhi trying hard to save Abhinav. Everyone is shocked and cries. Akshu cries and drinks some water. She says this video was recorded in Shefali’s phone, we can see that Abhi has tried to save Abhinav, not to kill him. Judge asks why didn’t you present this before. Akshu says Shefali didn’t know about this before, this was accidental. Shefali recalls making the kids football game video. She sees the nice scenery and takes the video. The kids argue. Shefali doesn’t see Abhi and Abhinav in the video capture. She asks the kids not to fight. Akshu says Abhi and Abhinav were good friends, whatever happened was an accident, not a murder, Abhi tried to save Abhinav, but he failed, that’s all. Manjiri and everyone cry.

Judge says the court releases Abhi free of any charge. Manjiri hugs Abhi and says I knew my son is innocent, if anything happened to you… He says I asked you to trust my faith. Akshu says truth isn’t what we see, many times its different. She explains him. She says we made Abhi the villain, it was all fate, we can’t fight fate, we have to accept the decision, we have to accept that Abhinav left us. Manish apologizes to her. She says I know no one would have understood this without a proof. Abhi says except you.

He says we can’t understand the pain you are going through, you found the truth and brought it in front of everyone, you fought for me when nobody trusted me, I m sorry, when I should have fought for you, I didn’t, I failed you, you are a better person, sorry and thanks. Manjiri and Abhi go out and have a talk. Abhi says I could have not lived with this murder blame. Manish comes and apologizes to him. He says I should have trusted you. Abhi hugs him. Manjiri says I doubted Akshu when she fought the case by going against you all. She apologizes to Akshu. Akshu hugs her. She says I know the pain of losing a son, I m not upset with you. Kairav says now court has declared Abhi innocent, do you still have a problem. Muskaan says this won’t get Abhinav back, he took Abhinav there, I can never forgive him. Surekha says she is right, why did Abhi take him there and make him drink, there is no sense. Akshu says I will go home and tell Abhir that you are innocent. Abhi says his pain won’t get less, we can just be there for him.

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Abhir asks if docman got free, can he get my Papa back. Akshu says no. He says he is the best doctor and Papa’s friend also. Akshu hugs Abhir and says Papa is your guiding light. Abhir says I miss him a lot, call him once. She says I can’t. He goes. Manish says he needs time to learn to fight this pain, stay strong, everything will be fine.

Ruhi and Shivansh do Abhi’s aarti. Manjiri and everyone smile. Abhi says sorry, don’t worry, now I have come back. Ruhi asks him to come. She says sleep on my lap now, no one will disturb you. He lies down and thanks her. He asks her to end the fight with Abhir. He says I have come back, Abhinav won’t come back ever, we have to take care of Abhir. She says okay.

He says I will call Akshu and ask when can I meet Abhir. Manish takes the call. Abhi asks can I come and meet Abhir. Manish says you can come anytime, but he is sleeping. Abhi says okay, I will come in the evening. Manjiri sends the kids. Abhi says Manish said Abhir is sleeping, is he avoiding me. Shefali says maybe he is taking a nap, don’t think much. Abhi comes to meet Akshu and Abhir. He sees Abhir sleeping. He cries and asks can I come again tomorrow. She says of course.

Abhi and Akshu try to help Abhir. Abhir goes. Abhi says he is suffering from depression. Akshu says he is nowhere, did he run away. They check the cupboard.