Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarohi leaves Birla house


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhi calling Akshu. She takes the call and asks is Maa fine. He says yes. She says you don’t need to say anything, Kanha ji heard you, Maa got fine, you stay with her and take care of her, she will get fine soon, she is Maa, she is the most imp than all of us and this relation. Suwarna and Surekha see Akshu. Manjiri comes and hears Abhi talking to Akshu. Akshu says I m strong, I will handle my two kids if you don’t want to marry me, I have my family, Maa just has you, you are her world, I won’t feel bad if you choose her, don’t keep any guilt. Abhi says I will talk to you later. Manjiri smiles and thinks I knew it, Abhi won’t go anywhere leaving me. Akshu asks baby not to worry, everything will get strong, your Papa made me very strong, I will handle both the kids. Surekha says how will Akshu tolerate this sorrow. Abhi asks Manjiri to take rest. Manjiri says I m fine. She asks Aarohi to send the driver and get Abhi’s stuff from Manish’s house. She says I will arrange the food and feed it to Abhi. She asks Abhi to come. She says I will pull your ear and feed the food to you, you have come back to me.

Abhi says I didn’t come back. She asks why, Akshu said you can stay with me, she understands, she can’t make a son away from his mum. He says she told that because she is thinking about you, why can’t someone take care of her. Manjiri says her family is with her. He says its my decision to marry Akshu, I will keep all my duties, so I m getting married. He asks Aarohi to take care of Maa. He leaves. Manjiri is shocked. Akshu goes to shut the door. Abhi comes. She asks did you have food. He nods. She takes him to the dining table and makes him sit. She feeds him the food. He gets emotional and hugs her. She says I understand, it will be tough for you to leave Maa and come here, we can postpone the marriage, we will convince Maa. He says I hate it, when I see questions in your eyes, we are getting married after 2 days, is there any more question, I asked you to have food 3 hours back, sit down. He feeds her the food. Manjiri throws things in anger. She says get my son back, I want my Abhi back. Shefali stops her. Manjiri cries and shouts. Aarohi stops Manjiri.

She asks will you call this your Tapasya, I will break it, you are thinking wrong. Manjiri asks what, I love my son and grandson. Aarohi says you think you can control their lives, you tried to make Abhir away from Akshu, you can’t separate them. Manjiri says Akshu is doing the same. She says Abhi should stay happy with his son, you want him to raise Abhinav’s child all life. Aarohi asks did you think the same after getting Neil home. Manjiri asks how can you think so. Aarohi asks how can you think so, you gave Neil a place in your heart, Abhi is going to do the same, you loved Neil a lot, you didn’t want to see Akshu’s face, you didn’t let me go home during my pregnancy, your love for Neil was true, why are you differing someone else’s love. Manjiri says you won’t ask this when you are in my place. Aarohi says you are strong, how did you get so weak, I understand you well, you tried to brainwash Abhir and then you took him to temple. Manjiri says he wanted to serve there. Aarohi says you pushed him hard and he reached the hospital, I m so embarrassed that you attempted suicide. Shefali asks her to stop it. Aarohi says she did it to get Abhi’s attention, sorry to say this, I m glad Abhi took the right decision. Manjiri says no one will stay happy if this marriage happens, it’s a wrong decision for Abhi. Aarohi says sorry, Ruhi won’t grow in this kind of environment, Ruhi and I are leaving this house. Abhi says I will show the house pics. Akshu asks him to call Aarohi and ask about Maa. He calls and says Aarohi isn’t answering. Surekha asks Akshu not to worry. Aarohi goes to Ruhi. Shefali comes to stop her. Aarohi explains her. Shefali says if Ruhi asks you the reason, what will you answer. Aarohi says Abhi will explain her everything. She cries and gets Neil’s pic from the wall. Manjiri comes and takes the pic.

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She says my son and my granddaughter won’t go from the house. Aarohi says I m taking my husband’s pic and daughter, no one can stop me. She takes Ruhi. She asks her to get the outcome of her Tapasya. She says you lost your son, bahu and grandchild in one day, everyone will leave you and go. Manjiri cries. Shefali asks her to stop Aarohi.

Shefali gets Abhi’s call. She says Aarohi and Ruhi left the house. Abhi is shocked. Akshu says we will go and get Aarohi and Ruhi. He says yes. Aarohi brings Ruhi home. Abhi takes Ruhi. Aarohi hugs Akshu. She asks Manish can Ruhi and I stay here forever. Manish says you don’t need anyone’s permission. Abhi and Akshu say sorry. Aarohi says you both aren’t a reason, trust me.

Its night, Aarohi falls down the bed. She says you kicked me down Akshu. Akshu says sorry, lets sleep now. Aarohi says no, I won’t sleep. Akshu says sorry, I promise, I won’t hit you. Aarohi says I m waiting for Abhi and your marriage, then this bed and room will be mine. They have a pillow fight. They laugh. Abhi is with Ruhi. He says sorry, this is happening because of me. Ruhi says I love you Poppy, I told everyone, you won’t go anywhere leaving me. He says yes, don’t ever leave me. She nods.

Manjiri says I want my son back, Akshu. Akshu says please agree for this marriage. She goes. Manjiri says listen to me. She holds Akshu. Akshu falls and faints. Everyone is shocked.