Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarohi takes a decision for Ruhi

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhinav saying Muskaan said about a form, I have to fill it, then I can sit in your place to write. Akshu asks whose bag it it. He says its a tourist’s bag, I will give this at tourism office after your exam. He jokes about his handwriting. She says when we get ahead with talks, we can laugh and move on. He says many times, flyovers also don’t work during traffic jams, I won’t hide anything, I m stuck feeling that I have come between you and Abhi, the happiness I get with you feels like a loan. He gets sad. He says I don’t have any misunderstanding now, I will go and see why is it taking much time. He goes. She cries. She says you are my friend, my only friend, my best friend, I want my friend back, I wish we didn’t go to Udaipur, you are here but you aren’t with me. Suwarna asks did your bp get high. She gives pills to Manish. Manish says it happens, Aarohi decided and Abhi has nothing to do with it, maybe Akshu is the reason.

Aarohi and Ruhi argue. Abhi asks the reason. Aarohi says her drawing teacher called and said Ruhi has beaten a boy. He says it can’t happen. Ruhi says yes, I have beaten him, he called me a liar and said your marriage won’t happen. Aarohi says call him and say sorry. Ruhi says no, I won’t. Abhi explains her the mistake. Ruhi says you broke the rule, you didn’t keep the promise, liar, you didn’t get engaged. Aarohi scolds her. Ruhi says you are very bad. Abhi takes her. Aarohi says she got spoilt. Mahima comes and says she is a 5 year old kid, she will say what she sees. Aarohi says I will explain her. Mahima says she is confused seeing the fights, because you are confused, send her to hostel. Aarohi asks what. Mahima explains her. She says this will be the best practical decision. She goes. Abhi comes and asks are you thinking about it, sending hostel isn’t a solution, just forget it, you know Ruhi can’t stay alone, if we have problems, it doesn’t mean that we send her to a hostel, she is a kid, so she expressed it to us, she will feel we punished her, she will not express it to us again, don’t punish her, its my mistake, you know she can’t stay away from us. Aarohi says calm down, relax, you and Mahima thought for Ruhi, let me also think about her, I will think well and decide. She goes. Abhi cries. Akshu also cries. Poetry goes on in background. Yeh Rishta…plays.. They wipe their tears.

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Abhi goes to Ruhi. She is sleeping. He kisses her and gets sad. Akshu sees Abhinav and Abhir sleeping. She says Abhinav was there when I needed him, why can’t I become his support. Abhi says Ruhi saved me from breaking but I couldn’t stop her from annoying. Akshu says please return me old Abhinav, please Kanha ji. Abhi says please Mahadev, don’t punish my daughter for my wrong decisions. Akshu says please Kanha ji, return Abhir his happy family. Shefali looks at Abhi. Its morning, Abhir asks Akshu to have curd and sugar. He says dad didn’t get permission to write. She says I will try. He prays for her. Neela says we will go there and sit outside.

Manish asks are you sending her to hostel, she is 5 years old, you can’t give discipline and love to her in hostel. Manish and everyone explain Aarohi and say no need to send her to hostel. Suwarna says Abhi won’t agree with this. Aarohi says Ruhi isn’t able to understand why Abhi isn’t becoming her dad, she is getting irritated, she is beating kids at school, I want to send her away from these questions and problems, I m her mum, I worry for her, you don’t know what she is going through. Kairav says its wrong, the relation that was forming is wrong, your stay in that house is wrong, that person is wrong, its wrong to send Ruhi away because of him. Aarohi says its my mistake to talk to you all. She leaves. Kairav asks why does everything happen with my sister and niece. Shefali looks at Aarohi. Aarohi cries.

Muskaan gets a glass of water for Kairav. She says I know you are worried for them, I also get worried for Abhinav and Abhir, don’t get angry, help them if you want, have water. He drinks. Abhir says you have exam tension, you know I got a dream. Akshu asks what happened. Abhir says goons came and I shouted Papa, I prayed to Shiv ji, and it was smoke… Akshu says then Papa came. Abhir says no. She asks did mumma come. He says no, doc man.

Shefali says that if it was not for my child, I would not have stayed with you. Parth slaps her. She falls down. Abhi sees this and asks how dare you raise hand on her. Akshu comes to police station. Inspector asks her to get proof. She says I will get proof and get my husband freed, he won’t suffer in lockup.