Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu confronts Abhi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhinav saying Abhi said they will come, but they didn’t come till now. Surekha says Manjiri doesn’t want Abhir to meet his parents. Akshu worries. Kairav says I m happy with your promotion, I didn’t know I will get away from you, how shall I explain you. He hugs her and says I don’t want to send you alone to Mumbai. She says I don’t want to go away from you, I can come here on every weekend, we will talk on video calls daily, we will manage, it’s a matter of one year, I will get a transfer back here. He says long distance relationship is never easy. Abhi comes home. He says I will talk to Akshu once, how is my phone off. He sees Akshu. She asks where is my son, you told me you will get him home after breakfast, he didn’t come to me. He says yes. She says you want to snatch the two days from us, you have Abhir, you keep some dignity. He says I had gone for emergency, you can ask Aarohi, I asked Maa to drop him. She says she didn’t come to me, where did she take him. He gets Manjiri’s call. She asks him to put phone on speaker. Manjiri says Mahima and I took the kids out, we were going to drop Abhir to Akshu’s house, bridge broke down and we got stuck, we are staying at a hotel. Akshu takes the phone and asks about the hotel. Manjiri’s voice doesn’t come. The call ends. Akshu says stop the drama, Manjiri spoke you well, when I took the phone, network went and call ended, I know Manjiri is lying. He says you mean mum took Abhir took and broke the bridge, there is no logic. She says she doesn’t want Abhir to come to me. They argue.

She says isn’t it true, she told that she doesn’t like me taking Abhir out of city, she was scared that Abhir won’t come back to you. He asks how did you know. She says your phone didn’t disconnect, we heard her intentions and yours also, you defended us, we thought Abhi knows our pain, but I was wrong, I should have known it, you will do what your mum wants, she didn’t want Abhir to get the Dohar and miss his family, she saw Abhinav’s name stickers and torn the covers, I came to give Abhir’s old shoes, she didn’t let me meet Abhir, she asked me why did I come and reminded me court orders. She says I have come here by fighting the storm, why did she take my son somewhere else today itself, when Abhinav and I were dying to spend time with Abhir, why is she snatching our precious moments, she hates us, we listen to her, because she is elder, if she snatches our happiness, then we will forget our manners, you tell me what right did I snatch from you. She says we made you a part of our family, tell me, why are we kept away from our child, you don’t know what pain we had undergone after the court decision, Abhir didn’t want to go to your house, we have given him to you, you don’t know the pain of giving life to a stranger, we had to break his heart, we showed him that we don’t need him, we can stay without him. Abhi cries. She says I thought Manjiri will understand, she was selfish before and she is still selfish, she doesn’t see anything except you. He says enough, I m Abhir’s father, not any stranger, don’t disrespect me, why did you break my son’s heart, who told you, you could have called me, we three are his parents, do you understand Manjiri’s pain, yes, she is insecure, she has lost Neil and she didn’t know about Abhir for 6 years, you didn’t let her meet Abhir, you are calling her selfish, my son is with me because of her, my mum is also mum, her pain is also pain, her love is also love, you know she is insecure, you had to send shoes, you could have sent it by someone else, why did you come without thinking what will she feel, she is insecure because she is a mum, her fear is that if you meet Abhir every day, then Abhir will run away.

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Akshu says I come to meet my son, he was with me for 6 years, I know my son wants to meet me, he doesn’t know to live without me, Manjiri doesn’t care what he wants, he wanted to meet me, she caged him. Abhi says what, she caged him? Abhinav comes and says enough. He holds Akshu’s hand. He says Akshu is my wife, but I never told anything between you two, I didn’t wish it to affect Abhir, Akshu wanted to fight with you in anger, I stopped her, Manjiri asked me to leave my family, we forgot that also, she crossed limits today, she didn’t let us meet our son, Akshu told you that she will tell your truth to Abhir, you can meet him and stay in Kasauli, irrespective of the court decision, Manjiri didn’t give our child to us for 48 hours. Akshu gives the phone to Abhi and says no need to get trouble next time, we will come to take our child. They leave. Abhi cries. Aarohi looks on. He turns and sees her. Akshu asks which bridge broke down. Kairav tells them. Muskaan says there are three hotels around that bridge area, I do a job at post office, I know the addresses. Suwarna stops Akshu. Akshu asks what happened. Anand and Parth stop Abhi. Abhi says we have to do something. Parth says they will come back tomorrow. Aarohi says they will manage. Abhi says I will call and find out where are they. Aarohi stops him. Akshu says I want to talk to Abhir once. Manish says if you call to ask for guest info, will they tell you, don’t worry for Abhir, Manjiri and Mahima will take care of him. Muskaan asks them to take rest. Manish says we all shall go and sleep now. Akshu says fine, I will come in 5 mins. Socha tha kya….plays… Akshu and Abhi sit worried.

Akshu argues and says I won’t let my son stay here. Manjiri says I will go to court and get the permission cancelled. Akshu gets the court notice. She shouts and cries. Abhinav says we will go to Kasauli.