Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhira questions Armaan about his love


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhira rushing to help Surekha. Armaan says Rohit, even if Dadi scolds or slaps me, you won’t argue. Rohit says its my right to take a stand for your respect. They hug. Rohit says keep smiling, this is my award, don’t worry, I m with you, I will go now. Armaan asks what are you hiding. Rohit says nothing, I really have some work. Armaan says I know you cover up your problems by such excuses, tell me. Rohit says Ruhi isn’t happy, she feels lonely, I don’t know what to do. Armaan says try to keep her happy. Rohit says same to you, take care of Abhira, she isn’t happy. Abhira doesn’t get sleep. She gets Abhir’s blanket. She lies to sleep. Armaan gets Abhira’s phone. He says I should have given her phone to her, don’t know she had food or not. He sees the toy tortoise.

Its morning, Manish tries to ignite the stove. Abhira lights the stove and says you helped me in our first meeting, we should settle things in time, else its left incomplete, thanks for these clothes. Manish says thank Armaan, he has sent the clothes, are you feeling hungry. She nods. He gives her the kachori with a smiley. She thinks mumma style kachori. She eats it and thinks same taste. Manish says we can sit and eat, come, Armaan would be coming. She coughs. He asks her to have water. Ruhi and Surekha look on.

Surekha argues with Manish. Ruhi says I can’t share you with anyone. He says you know I love you a lot, I m giving some love to Abhira. She says no, my family snatched my everything, Abhira is a stranger, how do I believe that she won’t snatch you from me. Abhira looks on and cries. Manish says stop it. Ruhi says no, I m so hurt. Abhira goes crying. Ruhi asks will you choose Akshu or me. He says I will always choose you. Abhira writes a letter for Manish.

She goes. Manish gets her letter. He rushes to see. Abhira walks on the road and comes in front of Armaan’s car. Armaan asks what are you doing here, what’s wrong, I was coming to take you, you don’t have phone or money.

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Dadi gets ready. She recalls Abhira’s words and angrily breaks the necklace. She thinks my family can break. Abhira says my mumma was my home, I have no home, I m all alone, where will I go. She stumbles and falls in his arms. Bin mujhe mera naam…plays… She says Manish isn’t my family, you should have taken me along. He says yes, right, you are my responsibility, sorry. He holds ears. He calls out a chaat vendor. She asks do you want to have chaat now. He says no, I want you to have chaat. She says no thanks. He jokes. She says so funny. He says life is like chaat. She says its spicy for orphans, it makes one cry. They go to have chaat. He asks can you eat the red chilli. She says don’t challenge me. The man says you both should compete. They agree and start eating the panipuri. Armaan and Abhira laugh. He pays the money. The man advises them to be happy. Abhira asks do you love someone. Armaan coughs and drinks water. She says it means, you do. He asks what are you saying. She says you had someone in your life, I don’t know anything about you. He says even I don’t know anything about you, did you have someone in your life. She says yes, we were in college and then he left abroad for higher studies, I liked him, my heart didn’t broke, I can see it, you are heartbroken. Dadi asks Vidya to stop it. Vidya says I m trying to handle things, give me a chance. Dadi says you became a good bahu and good mum, but not a good Saas. Armaan and Abhira come home. He gets Rohit’s call and says I will come. He says I have to go, its an imp case, go to my room and stay there until I come, please. She says fine. He leaves.

Dadi punishes Abhira and asks her to stay outside the door. Ruhi gives her water. Dadis shouts on Ruhi and makes her stand outside. Abhira plays a game with Ruhi. Rohit and Armaan look on.