Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kairav and Muskaan’s haldi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu asking why are you worried. Muskaan cries and asks who will take care of Amma when I leave. Akshu says Abhinav and I are with him, we will handle everything, you enjoy your marriage, get ready now. Muskaan thinks sorry to lie, I have no option, I don’t want to trouble you. Kairav throws a flower at Muskaan. Akshu applies haldi to him and runs. He runs after her. Manish comes. She says I m his sister and I will apply haldi to him. Manish also applies haldi to Kairav and laughs. Suwarna also joins them and applies the haldi. Everyone applies the haldi. Chand chakora…. Plays… They all dance. Abhir asks is this uncle my dad, no, if I get my real dad, I will never leave Abhinav, Aarohi said my dad is here, I just want to see who is he. Ruhi says if he is bad or good. Abhir says there is no problem. Akshu asks Abhinav to come fast.

Abhinav comes running and collides with Surekha. The haldi falls over her. She screams and asks what did you do. Everyone smiles. Surekha says it was my designer saree. Abhinav says sorry. Manish stops Akshu. He says Surekha is right, this didn’t happen right, you have to pay for it. He applies haldi to Abhinav and laughs. They play holi with the haldi. They celebrate happily. Abhir asks if this plan doesn’t work then. Ruhi says it will work, when something falls on my and mum’s foot, we scream in the same voice, we will see whose voice matches with you. They do and drop a glass on a man’s foot. The man doesn’t scream. Abhir and Ruhi say sorry. Something falls on Abhi’s foot. He screams. Abhir and Ruhi hear him and come to see. Akshu says sorry. Abhi says I m fine.

Abhir and Ruhi come to Abhi. They go. Abhir says doc man maybe my dad, his painful voice was like me, I will wait until mum tells me the truth. Ruhi says okay. Surekha says there is no water in the tap, I have to take a bath. Abhinav gives her a bottle of water. She says I don’t want so much water, how shall I take a bath. She jokes and says I told that we will keep marriage in Udaipur, now we can’t even have a bath here. Akshu says water has come. Everyone looks on. Akshu gets a bucket and pot of water. Abhinav says you should have called me. Abhi takes the pot from her hand.

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Abhinav steps back. Abhi jokes on Akshu and asks what was the need to do this. Akshu says I got water, you also have a bath. They argue. Manjiri smiles. Abhi asks Akshu to get a pipe. Surekha says there is no water, do something. Kairav laughs. Neela says I will go and see. Dadi says sit, we will sit and watch them. Akshu says I will go and see. Abhir and Ruhi walk on the pipe and sing a rhyme. Akshu sees them. She asks them to come with her. the water starts coming. Surekha says water has come. Manish says now you can go and have a bath, you can come anytime. Abhir splashes water on everyone. They laugh.

Aarohi smiles seeing Abhi and Ruhi. Akshu smiles seeing Abhinav and Abhir. Dev sees Kairav and Muskaan. He calls her. He makes a video. Abhi sees him and recalls seeing Dev before. Dev leaves. Muskaan looks for money. She calls him and says why isn’t he answering now. Kairav says Manish started playing holi. Everyone gets messages at the same time. Akshu says Ruhi and Abhir would be messaging. They check and get shocked seeing Muskaan and Dev’s video.

Abhir says mumma and doc man is the final jodi. Manjiri says they have tried to stay away, but fate always brings them together. She asks Abhinav don’t you think they deserve another chance.