Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu plans a trip with Abhir


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mahima saying we will cut the welcome cake. They all see the cake smashed and asks who did this. Parth scolds Shivansh’s friends. Shefali says you are scaring the kids. He says the cake was for my son. Anand says we will get another cake. Abhi says yes, calm down. Mahima sees the cake cream on Abhir’s shirt. She asks did you do this, Abhir. Nishta takes the kids with her. Mahima shows the cake on his sleeve. She asks why did you do this, answer me. Manjiri says enough, will you scold him for a cake, he won’t do this intentionally, don’t do a drama. Shivansh says maybe nobody needs me here in this house, Abhir replaced me, he doesn’t like me. Abhi says no, I will talk to him. Parth says don’t think so. Abhi asks Abhir to say sorry. Manjiri says it happened by mistake. Abhi says even then, he can say sorry. Abhir says I won’t say sorry. Abhi says he is your elder brother, its okay if it happened by mistake, say sorry and move on. Abhir refuses and runs upstairs. Mahima and Manjiri argue.

Abhi and Anand ask them to not fight. Mahima asks Abhi to talk to Abhir. Abhir recalls Shivansh’s words and gets angry. Abhi comes and holds his hand. He says you know you got this anger from me, it has just harmed me, I know its difficult for you, its weekend, you will be meeting your mumma tomorrow, are you excited. Akshu sees the time and smiles when the alarm rings at 4am. She shouts good morning. Abhinav wakes up and says its not morning. She says we have to take Abhir to Jaipur. He asks her to sleep for some time. She says Abhir would be excited to meet us. He says I also feel sleepy. Abhir gets ready and packs his bag.

He says mum and dad would be excited too. Abhinav and Akshu make arrangements. Manish and Kairav smile. Manish blesses Akshu. Shivansh says Abhir, you won’t look smarter than me. Aarohi asks are you excited to meet your mum and dad. Shivansh says Abhi is his dad, where is his mum. Aarohi says Akshu and Abhinav are his mum and dad, he is lucky, Akshu stays at Goenka house, Abhir will enjoy a lot on weekend. Ruhi says I will also come with you next time. Abhir asks when will Abhi take me there. Abhi says yes, we are coming, I know you are taking him to Jaipur, okay bye. He drops the phone. He keeps it aside. The call is still connected. Manjiri says I don’t find this right, Akshu is taking Abhir out of Udaipur, if he doesn’t like to come back then. Abhi asks her not to worry. She says his heart isn’t connected to us. Akshu and Abhinav hear her.

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Manjiri says Akshu is already meeting him often. Abhi says its tough for them also, they are following court orders, we will also do it, they are still Abhir’s parents, Abhir is our responsibility, we three are his parents. Abhinav says Abhir isn’t with us, but he is with Abhi, he is a nice person and good father, he will never snatch our right. Aarohi is on a work call. She says Abhi, we need to rush. Abhi says I have to go and drop Abhir to Goenka house. Manjiri says I will drop him. Abhi asks Abhir to enjoy well. He says see you soon. He goes. Abhir doesn’t sit beside Shivansh. Ruhi says I will sit in between, no fighting.

Manjiri asks Abhir to have kachoris. She says I m going to drop Abhir, shall I take Ruhi and Shivu. Mahima says I will come along. Anand says I m getting jealous now. Manish says Agarwal shifted to Jaipur, call him if there is any trouble. Kairav says yes, I will come if there is any problem. Dadi says everything will be fine. Surekha says its raining since night. Dadi says the world won’t sink. Surekha says I think their plan will sink. Muskaan says there isa good news. Dadi says wow, congrats. Surekha says you are fast, I thought you will do family planning after 1-2 years.

Muskaan says no, I got a promotion. Everyone congratulates her. Akshu thinks why didn’t Abhir come. Abhir asks Ruhi when will we go. She says just some time. Mahima asks Shivu to buy anything he wants. Manjiri says Abhir, you can also buy anything. He says I just want to go to my mum and dad. Mahima says after dropping Abhir to Goenka house, we will take Shivu to the new bakery. The man says you can’t go that way, the bridge broke down, water got filled in that area, you don’t take a chance, kids are with you. Manjiri thinks I should call Akshu. She recalls Akshu’s words. She thinks she might feel I m lying. Ruhi asks how will we drop Abhir, they would be waiting. Shivu says you can’t meet them and they will forget you. Abhir gets angry.

Akshu argues with Abhi and Manjiri. Abhi says I don’t want my son to become like you, he runs from every problem and lose before fighting. She goes to Abhir’s school and sees him.