Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhir’s plan for Akshu and Abhi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu thinking to call Abhi. They get a call. They get shocked and rush to the hospital. Abhi asks did Abhir come. He asks Abhir where is your friend. Abhir says I don’t know, I didn’t find him, his hand broke, I came here with Manish and asked him to go, his leg will get the bandage. Akshu says you lied to us. He says sorry, I have to talk something imp, its an emergency. Abhi asks what is the matter. Abhir shows the marriage pic and says I want to talk about this. Abhi asks where did you get this pic. Abhir says cupboard, why are you refusing to marry. Abhi asks who told this to you. Abhir says I got to know you were very happy before. He says marry docman, you will be happy, why can’t you marry. Akshu asks him to stop it. Abhi says not all the friends get married. Abhir says you both get married, it will be fun, we will stay together. Akshu says Abhir, you don’t say this, you go to Docman’s house and play with Ruhi and Shivu, what else do you want, I m explaining you for the last time, docman and I will never marry, this topic is over.

Mahima says I don’t think Goenkas will come, Akshu won’t come. Manjiri says no, they will come. Ruhi says I m angry on Suwarna. Manish says Suwarna takes much time to get read. Ruhi says liar, you take time to set hair. Aarohi sees Akshu sad and takes her aside. She says don’t get awkward, don’t say no to this relation because of me. Akshu says don’t talk about this, I will go from here. Abhir hugs Ganpati and says I won’t let Ganpati ji go. Akshu explains him and asks him to tell his wish to Ganpati after aarti. Everyone does the aarti. Abhir tells his wish to Ganpati… get mumma and docman married. Abhi asks what did you ask. Abhir says you will know it yourself, it’s a secret. Abhi asks what. Abhi takes the idol. Hare Ram…plays…. They all leave.

Abhir takes the laptop. Manish comes. Abhir says I was just playing the game. Manish says I also want to play the same game. He sees the hotel booking website. He asks why did you lie. Abhir says I don’t know. Manish says okay, mumma scolded you a lot, you can tell me what is in your heart, do you want to go here. Abhir says no. Manish says promise, I won’t tell anything to anyone. Abhir asks promise. Manish says yes. Abhir tells his plan. Manish and Abhir buy the gifts. Abhir says we will write the messages also. Manish says okay. Suwarna asks Manish to take medicines. Manish says I have put credit card details, you order it. Suwarna comes to them. Muskaan talks to Neela on call. Kairav disconnects the call and says you wanted to tell about Akshu and Abhi. They argue. She gets angry and goes.

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Its morning, Mahima says Abhi, you remember it right, there is a meeting today, its imp. Abhi says I remember, I will be there on time. Ruhi says we are getting late for dance class, cup cake isn’t ready. Manjiri is angry. Abhi jokes seeing her. She taunts him. He says your dream won’t be fulfilled. Manjiri says anything can happen. Ruhi says this isn’t about the cup cake. Shefali shouts and asks him to come out. Abhi runs asking is everything okay. Shefali says someone has sent gifts for you. Abhi asks who sent it. Akshu sees the gifts. Kairav says its for you. He asks who will send these for me. Manish and Abhir smile. Manish starts acting. Aarohi says maybe some secret admirer. Abhi and Akshu reads the notes. Akshu asks who is this cheap guy. Abhi asks what nonsense. Akshu says poems are cheap. Manish says someone has written it with love. Abhi reads I will wait for you in the park. Ruhi says some secret fan. Aarohi says some resident doctor. Ruhi says aww. Kairav says some old judge who got impressed by you. Abhir and Manish laugh. Akshu says you both are laughing. Manish says no. Akshu says I will teach him a lesson, he won’t do this cheap poetry. Abhi says I will throw these gifts. Kairav says I will come along. Akshu says I m enough for him. Abhir says all the best for the date. Manish says he means, all the best for the fight. Akshu asks them to get the other gift boxes. Manish says you got us caught. Abhir says no, will our plan work. Manish says yes. He prays.

Abhi and Akshu come to the park and see the couples. She says he called me at such a bad place, I will break his face. Abhi says don’t know what type of girl is she. They collide and the gift boxes fall. He holds her hand to save her. Police comes and all the couples runs. Constables catch Abhi and Akshu, and scold them. Abhi says I m a doctor and she is a lawyer, are we criminals, talk well. Akshu says I was talking to them, why do you always have to become a hero. He asks how can anyone talk to you like that. She looks at him.

Abhi tells Akshu about the investors meeting. He sees her kurta tearing down and asks her to wear his coat. She refuses. He says please wear it, they will be here any time.