Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhira answers Dadi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhira says sorry that my saree got opened, but don’t tell anything about my mumma, she taught me everything before leaving. Dadi says Ruhi doesn’t have her mum, but she knows everything, your mum didn’t even teach you how to wear a saree. Kiara recalls Abhira pinning her dress. A man asks Manoj to call the mechanic to fix his car. Manoj says don’t worry, I will call the mechanic. Abhira goes. Dadi says if this girl is leaving the house, then make sure she doesn’t come back. Sanjay goes to see. Armaan stops Abhira. Abhira fixes the car. Ye ladki hai….plays…. Manisha says I think she is in trauma, she wants to end her life. Manoj says no, she is fixing the car.

Everyone smiles. Kiara says she is fixing the car, she is so cool. Abhira asks the man to start the car and check. The man starts the car. He blesses Abhira. He says Kaveri ji, when nothing works, your elder bahu will help you. He leaves. Abhira says you were saying right, my mumma didn’t teach me how to wear a saree, but she taught me a lot of things, do you want to know what. She climbs the ladder and fixes the bulb. She does gardening. She says mum taught me these things, she didn’t teach me house politics, but taught me to fight life, she taught me to join broken things, basic life needs, she didn’t teach me to become Bechari/helpless, she taught me to live without anyone’s support, so I didn’t become a Bahu material, I m strong, I m proud of it. Vidya asks her to shut up. Abhira says but I said right. Armaan says enough, go inside. Abhira goes.

Manish asks did Armaan get married to Abhira, the girl who ran the resort. Surekha says yes. He smiles and says she is a lovely girl, Poddar family is lucky to get Ruhi and Abhira as bahus, they will be happy. She says no, I called them for Ruhi’s pagphere and got to know about Armaan’s wedding, did they elope and marry. Manish says they aren’t such. She says they should have invited us, they have done a love marriage.

Manish and Surekha argue. Suwarna worries hearing them. Aryan and everyone praise Abhira’s talent. Kiara says she got scolded because of me, she gave her safety pin to me, so her saree opened up. Krish says she doesn’t care. She says I will tell this to Dadi. They stop her and think to cheer up Abhira and Ruhi. Charu says go and get both the Bhaiyas and Bhabhis. Abhira messes up things and says life has become a problem.

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Armaan comes and says anger isn’t a solution to any problem. She says go and explain them, they cursed me and my mum, don’t I say anything in response. He says I m not saying that. He stops and says breathe, calm down, lawyer has to keep courtroom decorum even if the judge doesn’t let you talk, you have to work patiently, keep your word respectfully, everyone has to keep their stand but its not imp to answer to everything. She nods. He slips. She holds him.

She sees her nail marks on his hands. She says you got much hurt because of me. He sees Ruhi crying. Ruhi goes. Abhira gives him an ointment. Ruhi says why am I crying, he promised me that only I m there in his heart. Rohit holds her. She smiles and turns. She sees Rohit. He says right, just you are there in my heart. Jeena hai…plays….

She says Maasa is calling. He stops her. She leaves. Aryan says come fast else kulfi will melt down. Armaan asks what. He sees Ruhi and Rohit. Rohit says I can understand why Abhira is sad, but why is Ruhi sad. Ruhi says I miss my family. He says I never saw you smiling, these chorus singers said you were happy in Mussoorie, I m not able to keep you happy. Armaan tells something to Krish. Rohit signs him and smiles. He says Ruhi, now you will smile. Armaan inhales helium gas and sings in a funny voice. Ruhi smiles. Abhira starts laughing aloud. Armaan smiles. Ruhi gets sad again. Everyone eats the kulfi. Rohit says when people go out, then they leave their charger and books, you left your smile in Mussoorie, I didn’t see but can imagine it, it would be beautiful, I promise, Ruhi, I will get your smile back and make your sorrow away. Armaan cracks a joke. Abhira smiles. He says keep smiling, you look good. He coughs. Abhira gets water for him. Armaan thanks her. Ruhi looks on.

Madhav says we will keep pagphere. Dadi says Abhira has no Maayka. Abhira comes to Goenka house. Manish welcomes her. Armaan asks are you fine, if anything happened to you then what would I answer Akshara.