Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Muskaan accuses Kairav


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhir and Muskaan going home. Abhir sees Manjiri. He calls out Dida. Muskaan ends the call. Abhir says stop the car, Dida is on the road, she isn’t well. She says fine. She sees Kairav and Pallavi going. Abhir says we have to go to Dida. Driver asks shall we go back. Muskaan says follow that car. She says don’t call anyone Dida, she isn’t Manjiri. Abhir says she is Dida. He prays to Shiv ji. Manjiri gets dizzy. Abhi and Akshu come there. Abhi shouts Maa and runs to hold her. They take Manjiri in the car. Abhir says Dida is alone, anything can happen to her. Muskaan says she would be resting at home, where did Kairav’s car go. At home, Aarohi treats Manjiri. Anand says physical wounds will heal, but it will take much time to deal with mental trauma. Mahima says Abhi, you have to take care of her. Abhi thinks of Manjiri. He goes. She says he isn’t understanding. Akshu stops Abhi and says Maa needs you. He doesn’t listen. She says his guilt is increasing. Manish asks didn’t she tell you anything. Suwarna says no, she isn’t answering. Kairav says courts are closed today. Surekha says her laptop is here, she didn’t go to meet the client. Muskaan says take medicines, she will come. Manish says no. Akshu comes home. Everyone asks where did you go. Manish says you didn’t answer the phone. Akshu tells everything.

Muskaan thinks Abhir was telling the truth. Abhir says I saw Dida on the road, I told Muskaan, Dida doesn’t look well, we should stop the car. Manish asks what is he saying. Dadi scolds Muskaan. Manish asks Abhir to go to room and play. Abhir says sorry to Muskaan and goes. Manish asks what happened, did you think she can’t be Manjiri. Muskaan says I really felt Abhir just thought so, I had to reach office. Akshu asks was reaching office imp than someone, its because of hatred for Abhi and his family. Muskaan says no, this happened because of love. Akshu asks what do you mean. Muskaan holds Kairav’s hand and takes him. She tells everything about Kairav and Pallavi. Surekha says they have an affair. Manish asks Surekha to stop it. Muskaan says I saw my husband roaming outside with his manager. Kairav says we can talk. She argues.

Kairav says its Muskaan and my matter, I don’t want anyone to come between it. Manish says Kairav. Kairav says sorry, and takes Muskaan with him. Akshu boils the milk. She puts off the stove. She gets Neela’s call. She says I had sent someone to Abhi for the surgery, but he said he can’t do it. Akshu says Aarohi will arrange the best doctor. Neela says they went there on my saying, ask Abhi to do the operation. Akshu says fine, he will do it. Neela asks how is Abhir, how is everyone. Akshu says he is fine, he misses you a lot. Neela asks how are Muskaan and Kairav. Akshu says everything is fine, take care. Neela says Muskaan is immature, she isn’t bad-hearted, if she does wrong, then pull her ears, take care of everyone and yourself. Akshu says yes, take care.

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Kairav comes. Akshu gives him a cup of coffee. She explains him about Muskaan. She says you have to handle Muskaan with care, she is insecure because she loves you a lot. He says love isn’t good when it makes you lose common sense, she must understand, if any big problem comes, then how will I explain her, there is nothing between Pallavi and me, we just work together. Akshu says I think I have a solution.

At Birla hospital, Akshu asks the girl not to worry. The girl says I trust Abhi, now someone else is doing my surgery. The man says Neela has sent us here, now Abhi isn’t available. Akshu asks Aarohi will the other doctor do it. Aarohi says yes, but Abhi is the best. Abhi asks Dr. Bindra to talk to the patient before the surgery. Dr. Bindra says but you should do it. Abhi says best of luck. Akshu stops Abhi and says you can’t get go your profession, its imp for you, if you don’t want to live as a doctor, then remove this Dr from your nameplate. He says no. She breaks it. She says give your degree, its useless and soon it will have value as junk, if you don’t want to save lives, then you don’t need to become a part of this noble profession, you are a problem, you are becoming selfish. He says I don’t trust myself, I m doing it for that girl’s good. She says you are lying, you would have saved Manjiri if you didn’t get stuck, his reactions and decisions get extreme, you regret it later, you need that girl more than she needs you, you will regret a lot, please come out of this guilt, there is still time. He thinks. She goes.
Akshu says I broke the nameplate. Abhi says you saved it, I think I m ready to meet Maa. Manjiri says I m fine. Abhi says you do aarti with me and face your fear. Akshu makes Abhi wear a cap.