Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Ruhi’s moment


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhira and Armaan arguing. He complains to her about the mosquitoes in the rooms. Abhira says you have come to stay between nature, enjoy the nature, did you follow the instructions and put the net windows, no, right, you file the case on the mosquitoes. Armaan asks how would you feel if I joke on you, you should be polite. She says I m very polite, if mosquito bites me, then I say it with respect. He says fine, I will come if the mosquitoes bite me at night. She says Raghu Kaka works here at night. He says you make an old man work. She says yes, his son and bahu have ousted him, he does a job here and gets respect, he has asthma, try to understand the other person’s point of view sometimes, sorry that your Dadi left the dinner. She goes. Armaan walks out to the lawn and stumbles. Ruhi holds his hand and pulls him. They both fall. Kesariya….plays… They have an eyelock. She gives her hand. He smiles and holds her hand.

Ruhi asks about his family. She says I heard the argument about the cauliflower, I found that aunty’s question weird, I think your focus was on me, right, I had seen it. He asks how do you know. She says maybe my focus was also on you, who knows. He smiles. She asks are you feeling awkward, it means you like me, right. He says who knows. They smile.

They sit and have a talk. She says you got your soul mate, you aren’t able to identify. He asks really. She asks do you believe in the soul mate concept. He says I do it now.

Its morning, Abhira sits working. She gets a kid’s family drawing and smiles. She says its good. The man gives medicines for Manish. Abhira says I will give it. Akshu comes and explains her not to offend the guests. Abhira argues. Akshu says when you get a family, then you will know it, you should filter your words, you can’t do this in your Sasural, truth suits everyone, you have to go to Sasural one day. Abhira says I will always tell the truth. Akshu says fine, I m going. She goes and says how will Abhira handle relations when she hasn’t seen it. Akshu comes to give the medicines. Manish says medicines have come. He goes to check the door. He sneezes and says sorry. He doesn’t see anyone. Surekha asks is it a ghost. Ruhi says don’t scare me. Suwarna says ghost means past. Akshu hides from them and recalls the family moments.

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Akshu sees Manish and touches his feet. He looks around and shuts the door. He says don’t know if we get any new or old relations back. Akshu thinks I can’t meet them. She runs to her home and locks the door. Abhira runs to ask what happened. Akshu says I won’t go in front of Manish, if he hears my name then… Abhira asks did anything happen. Akshu says nothing, we have much work tomorrow, go and study. Abhira asks her to open the door. Akshu cries and asks her to leave. Abhira sits outside the door. Surekha says it was some ghost, someone who left and returned now. Manish thinks. Akshu opens the door. Abhira falls. Akshu asks were you sitting here till now. Abhira asks were you crying till now, tell me the matter. Abhira says you handle Poddars, I will handle Goenkas, Parnanu is very sweet, he helped me in igniting the stove, its his birthday today. Akshu cries. She says you won’t go to Goenkas, staff will handle them.

Abhira worries. Manish and Armaan’s Dadi greet each other while meditating. They have a talk and wish each other on their birthdays. She says our kids learn what we do, not what we say, if they say we are connected to values, they will also connect. He says I always get lecture. They see Ruhi and Abhira. He smiles seeing Abhira’s clumsiness. She smiles seeing Ruhi’s sorted work. Abhira smiles and taunts Dadi about the food. She signs Manish. Akshu is on call. She asks for 3 days leave. The man says no way, its not possible. Abhira blows balloons. Akshu sees Manish and Abhira. She thinks their friendship is getting strong.

Abhira wards off the bad sight. Ruhi says you have impressed the family a lot, like they have adopted you. Yuvraj says aunty ji, I m your would be son in law. Akshu says no means no. He says I know how to turn no into yes.