Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj learns Abhira is married

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Yuvraj seeing Abhira and smiling. Abhira says I will wait for Armaan, don’t know where is he. Yuvraj applies some perfume. He says I m getting nervous seeing you, this is your effect. He smiles and gets down the car. He sees her sindoor and mangalsutra. He gets angry. Abhira turns and doesn’t see him. He sees her gone and goes to ask. The girl says Abhira asked to donate the food to the poor and left. He shouts, who did you marry, Abhira. Abhira comes home and sees Armaan with Ruhi. He says I know you are upset but… Abhira takes care of Ruhi. She calls her silly. Ruhi says I m sick, don’t scold me, please. Armaan gets a bowl. Abhira puts soup in it. She asks Ruhi to have it. Ruhi says no. Abhira gets adamant and feeds her. Armaan smiles. Charu comes. Armaan takes her aside. Ruhi finishes the soup. Yeh Rishta…plays… She says sorry, your plan got spoiled. Abhira says its okay, forget it, I have something. Ruhi says I can’t eat anything now. Abhira says I got a gift for you from my first salary. Ruhi says congrats. Ruhi sees a chocolate pastry. She asks how do you like its my fav. Abhira says I saw it and got it for you. Ruhi laughs. She says no one has bought anything for me from first salary. Abhira says I m not so cheap, I will get better gift with next salary. Ruhi says yes, two pastries. They laugh. Yuvraj calls Sanjay.

He angrily hits Abhira’s pic. The pic cracks. He says no, I will fix everything, I will find out. Krish says Charu’s outing got cancelled. Armaan says we have to help each other. He hugs all the cousins. Abhira comes. They all congratulate her. They ask what’s the plan. She says close your eyes and forward hands. Armaan jokes. She gives them gifts. She says I got first salary, so I got gifts for you all. Armaan cries happily. Kiara says you are so cute, thanks. Charu looks on. Abhira asks Krish to write his thoughts in the diary. She asks Kiara did you like the shoes. Kiara says I love them. Aryan says I m going to play hockey right now. Armaan says I m not coming. They take Armaan. Abhira stops Charu.

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Abhira gives her a bow tie to Charu. She says I want you to get your family’s blessings and go to fight your first case. Charu thanks her. Vidya and Manisha come. Aryan shows the hockey stick. Everyone shows the gifts. Manisha says Abhira fights, but loves everyone. Charu says she gave me a top, I will show later. Vidya asks what did she get for Armaan. Armaan says nothing. Manisha says you fight for her always, she might have got a good gift for you. Armaan smiles. They tease him for blushing. Armaan says no, she just got it for these monkeys, she is close to them. Dadi recalls Abhira’s words and smiles. Sanjay sees Yuvraj’s missed calls. Manoj says I need to talk about Shukla’s case. Sanjay scolds him and says stop troubling me. Dadi says I need to talk to Sanjay. Manisha asks Manoj to sit with them. Dadi scolds Sanjay for embarrassing Kajal. She says control your anger, else I will get angry. He says sure. Abhira comes. Armaan asks what are you hiding. She says your brain, its peanut size, I m going to do something, the idea will flop. He asks what. Abhira goes to Dadi and says weather is good. Dadi says fan is on. Abhira says see, beautiful birds are flying in the sky. Dadi says yes, birds fly in the sky. Abhira asks did you have tea. Dadi asks do you see tea in the cups. Abhira says I will take the cups, you would be thinking, how did I become perfect bahu overnight, who will you vent anger on, don’t worry, I have no perfection plans. She drops the note there. She says your money is fallen there, wait, I will give it to you. Armaan looks on. Abhira thinks I don’t know how are Dadi’s, you are my Dadi, you won’t take any gift from me, take it indirectly. Dadi says its not mine. Abhira says it was fallen here, take it. Dadi says its not mine, its abshagun to find money this way. She goes.

Armaan and Yuvraj fight. He runs after Yuvraj. Yuvraj gets hit by a car. Manish takes him home. Abhira says he was Yuvraj, I m sure.