Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhir cries for Akshu and Abhinav


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhir saying mumma… and running. Abhi says don’t run, what happened, be careful, are you fine. Everyone comes. Abhi asks what happened, are you feeling uneasy. Manjiri says his hiccups aren’t stopping, we will take him to the hospital. Aarohi says Maa is right. Akshu comes home. Abhir sees him and his hiccups stop. Akshu says I got this Dohar. Manjiri says you could have called once. Abhi says mum is worried, its raining so… Akshu says I came to give this Dohar to Abhir, he can’t sleep without this. Abhir says I don’t want it. He goes. Akshu says give it to him. Manjiri says he will find hard to adjust here if he gets old things back, don’t worry, I will get new Dohar for him. Aarohi says he doesn’t know what he wants, maybe he cries for the thing he is running away from. Akshu nods. Abhinav comes and says Akshara.

He says sorry, we came to give the Dohar. Abhi says no need of sorry, you are his parents and can come anytime to meet him. Abhinav asks did Abhir sleep. Akshu says yes, so I gave the Dohar to Aarohi, we will go. They turn to leave. They cry.

Abhir sees them and cries. Meri maa…plays… They turn to see. They don’t see him at the window. Abhi sees Abhir. Akshu and Abhinav come home. Akshu says I… Manish hugs her and says don’t say anything. She says I m doing the same thing as Abhi. He says parents are the same, they think the same for a child. She asks did I make a mistake by going there. He says no way. Kairav says he is your son, you have all the right. Manjiri asks why are you getting old things for Abhir. Abhi says what’s wrong if he gets comfort by his old things. She says it will be tough for him to move on. He thinks what shall I do. Aarohi asks is there any confusion, I felt happy when you asked for this Dohar, but mum told you something and you got confused, this Dohar is like a band aid for his wound, his pain won’t get less, think of his trauma. She says you will become the person who has separated him from his mum and dad, you can take care of him but can’t change of his feelings, he will never stay happy here, you took the wrong decision, if you think of Abhir, his happiness is with Akshu and Abhinav, not here. Akshu throws the pillow. Abhinav gives other one. She says its not good. He gives his hand. She rests on his hand. He says you remember we made his solar system project, he was waiting to see the comet, he ran to washroom when comet appeared. She says our child isn’t with us, but with Abhi.

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Abhi covers Abhir with the Dohar and prays to Mahadev. He goes. Abhir wakes up and cries. He keeps pillows beside him and sleeps thinking of Akshu and Abhinav. Its morning, Dadi asks Muskaan to do the aarti. Muskaan says I will regard this your blessing, but can Akshu sing the aarti, she sings the best. Surekha taunts her. Kairav taunts Surekha. Dadi asks Akshu will you sing the aarti. Akshu says sorry, I won’t sing Kanha ji’s aarti.

Abhi asks Abhir to call him Papa. Akshu fills the admission form and tells Abhinav. Abhinav says you are still Abhir’s mum, but I m not his dad now. Abhir says Dadda. Abhi stops.