Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi leaves seeing Arjun and Mahima’s marriage


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Mahima calls the doctor and thanks her for lying in court for her, and asks how you will give pregnancy report. Doctor says she has a report which she wanted, and asks her to come with Arjun in the evening, and says she will show him this report. Mahima asks whose report you will give me. Doctor says it is my work and I will handle well, and asks her not to worry. She asks her to bring the money. She ends the call and thinks she will give Kashvi’s report as Mahima’s report and she will become rich due to them. Mahima thinks to take Arjun there and show him the report. Dadi tells that she is very happy to know about her pregnancy and asks her about Arjun. She says Arjun shall know. Kashvi says Doctor called me for sonography and then I will think about talking about him. Mahima tells Arjun that today she is going for sonography and tells that Doctor asked her to come with the baby’s father. Arjun says ok, I will come with you, after all this baby is also mine. She thinks she can make him dance on her tune using this fake baby.

Arjun and Mahima come to the hospital for the sonography. The receptionist asks Arjun to fill the form. Kashvi comes there with Dadi, while hiding her face. Arjun feels Kashvi and then sees her. He thinks he will not let her go away from him. He collides with the peon and then goes behind the wrong girl. He thinks she was 100 percent Kashvi. Doctor does Kashvi’s sonography and says this is your baby. Kashvi gets emotional and cries.

Mahima asks Arjun, why he left her and came here. Arjun says I have come seeing Kashvi. Mahima thinks if kashvi is here, and tells that he has come here with her. She blames him for running behind her and then running behind Kashvi. Arjun says I was never behind you and tells that he will come with her. They go to Doctor’s cabin. Doctor asks Mahima to come and asks Arjun to sit there. Mahima goes inside and Doctor shows the fake report which is on her name. She gets happy and gives her money. Doctor says everything is fine so that Arjun hears her. She comes out and gives the report to Arjun, saying his wife is pregnant since a month.

Arjun looks at the sonography report and thinks this baby would be Kashvi and his baby. He thinks he has to take some decisions. Kashvi thinks to tell Arjun about the baby next day. She comes to his house next day and finds the house decoration and guests are standing. She wonders what is happening here? She hears Pandit ji chanting the mantras, and sees bride and groom. She thinks who is getting married? Pandit ji asks groom to move his sehra for the tilak. Arjun moves his sehra and Pandit ji applies tilak to his forehead. She gets teary eyes seeing it, and thinks I came to tell him truth, but he is marrying someone else. She thinks she can’t tell him now, and thinks he has moved on so fast, this means you was never mine. Pandit ji asks bride to move her veil so that the groom fills sindoor in her maang. He imagines Kashvi and fills Mahima’s maang with sindoor. Kashvi doesn’t look at the bride and cries badly turning her face. Arjun makes her wear mangalsutra, recalling his marriage with Kashvi. Pandit ji says the marriage is completed. Kashvi comes out and tells that she can’t make baby meet her/his father and says I will give you so much that you will never miss your father.

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After 8 months, Dadi asks Kashvi not to lift heavy things and says she will do the work. She thinks why did Arjun do this? She thinks if Arjun had not left her, then Kashvi and her child wouldn’t have been worried today. Kashvi gets labour pains. Dadi calls hospital and asks to send ambulance.

Mahima is doing exercise with Arjun in the class. She asks Arjun to help her as she is pregnant and asks him to make her wear shoes. She thinks Arjun didn’t know about her fake pregnancy and thinks to gift a baby to him, thanks to Dr. Payal. Romila comes and hugs Mahima. She says your fake tummy is coming out. She fixes it. Mahima thinks how did she come to know that I am not pregnant. She says I am hungry. Arjun says I will bring something and goes. Romila tells Mahima that she knows her, and says Arjun wouldn’t have married you if you haven’t done this. She says I am sure that you have done something to fool Kashvi and Arjun. She says you are enjoying here, and Kashvi is hiding her face here and there while she is really pregnant. Mahima is shocked.

Precap: In the hospital, Kashvi goes in labor, while Mahima acts to be pregnant. Later the boy shouts Mamma as he comes infront of the truck. Kashvi, Arjun and Mahima reach there and are shocked.