Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun lies to Kashvi


Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Inspector asks Kashvi and others to let them do their duty. Chahatein song plays……Nitya asks Jagdish to do something and take out Arjun from this mess. They leave. Mahima tells that she will also go. Dadi says you can’t go after haldi is applied. Mahima says I don’t care, he is in trouble and being his friend, she will go. They all leave. Pradyuman is outside in his car, and appreciates Girish for getting the information. He says then I played my part and called Commissioner. A fb is shown. He calls Commissioner to inform that Arjun Bajwa is the owner of the RJ Pharma company, who is the husband of assistant collector Kashvi Bajwa, who was involved in the tragedy and the fraud. He says you shall arrest him and do the enquiry. Commissioner says ok, I will do something. Pradyuman says now I will not let him come out and will make him lose bio gas project also.

Everyone reaches PS. Inspector says bail can’t happen now. He says many kids have lost their lives, so he will not get bail. Kashvi pleads infront of him, to let her meet him. Jagdish also requests him. Inspector allows Kashvi to meet him for 5 mins. Kashvi goes to meet Arjun. She asks Arjun why did you do this, and says you would have told me, as I am your best friend before your wife. Arjun says what I would have done and says it was business decision to earn profits. He says that owner had sold company to me for cheap rate and I bought it for profits. Kashvi says the kids are hospitalized because of this company. Arjun says I want to earn money and become rich businessman. He asks her to stay out from this and says my lawyers will take me out from this. Kashvi is shocked. Arjun says stay out of this. Kashvi says I know that Arjun is not greedy about money, I didn’t see him like this before. Kashvi goes. Arjun says I didn’t buy this company for any profit, but bought this so that I can save your name and respect from this case. He says he has no benefit in this.

He recalls and a fb is shown, he goes to RJ pharma owner, who gets him held by the guards. Arjun says I have a deal for you. The owner asks what? Arjun says we shall talk alone. They all leave. Arjun gives the cheque book and asks him to write any amount, and says I want to buy your company. The owner asks didn’t you see the news, many kids are hospital and our company is about to be closed and you want to buy it. Arjun says I came to help you. He says you will be saved from this mess and you are getting money also. The owner says ok, I will sign. Arjun thinks he has bought this company to save Kashvi, now he has to do another work and tells the lawyers to do as he says. He asks the lawyer to get papers ready in which there is Kashvi’s sign on rejected papers. He says I will not let my kashvi lose her job and asks the lawyer to release the media reports that the company takes all the responsibility, and announcing kashvi as innocent. He asks Lawyer to submit the rejected papers and tells that the sales dates shall be old. He asks them to understand the confidentiality of the case. lawyers say ok.

He says nobody shall know about it. fb ends. Arjun says I can give my life for Kashvi and can do anything. Jagdish, Nitya and others return home. Jagdish says the crime is heinous, and that’s why he is not bailed out. Romila says I am still in trauma, I can’t think that he can do this. He says anyone can do anything. Kashvi asks if you don’t know Arjun and says he is not that type of person, he is a good person. Dadi scolds her. Romila says I was saying that Arjun can’t do such a thing. Mohit comes there and asks about Arjun’s arrest. Mahima says I am sure that uncle and aunty will bring him out of jail. She says I can’t continue these functions as Arjun is in jail. She says it is bad that we are staying here, whose son is in jail and it doesn’t look nice if we do functions. She says if you think that you are getting bad reputation due to this, then you can break this alliance. Mohit is shocked. Dadi asks what you are saying? Mahima says let Mohit decide. Romila asks if the marriage will be cancelled. Mahima asks him to cancel the marriage if he wants. Mohit says no, we will not cancel the marriage, I know you all are disturbed, and Arjun is a good person and can’t do this. He will postpone our marriage till Arjun comes out from lock up. He says he will go. Mahima says I will drop him.

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Kashvi thinks of Arjun and recalls their moments. Honge juda na hum plays….Arjun is in the lock up and thinks about Kashvi. Kashvi cries and says how can this be possible. She says this can’t be truth, I don’t accept that you can do this. Arjun says I hurt you, so that you don’t know the truth, so that your job and name should not get anything wrong. He says I wish you don’t get to know about this, that I did this to save you. Kashvi thinks how she can sleep when Arjun is sleeping on the floor. Dadi asks Nitya to have food. Mahima says we will take food for Arjun. Kashvi comes there. Dadi asks her to go with them. Kashvi says she has to go for the meeting. Nitya says Arjun is in jail and what is important than him. Kashvi says you are also in civil services and knows. Nitya is upset. Mahima says we will go and feed food to Arjun. Dadi thinks why Kashvi is doing this?

The lawyer tells other lawyer, how they will handle the meeting with the villagers about bio gas project. Kashvi comes there and says give me the details, I will handle it, and asks him why you didn’t the bail till now. The lawyer says he can’t get bail. Kashvi asks him to give the files and says she will read it and will think what to do? The lawyer tells that they got strict information that they shall not share files with anyone. Kashvi says I am Arjun’s wife and says if you are not interested to show files, then I am also not interested to see it. She goes.

Arjun asks Nitya about Kashvi. Mahima says Kashvi doesn’t have time to meet her husband, as she is a big officer now.

Precap: Nitya sees divorce papers and asks Kashvi if she is divorcing Arjun. Kashvi nods her head. Arjun is shocked. And asks if you want to give me divorce, tell that it is a joke. Kashvi says I am serious, I need divorce from you.