Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayan and Nitya’s Dance Face-Off

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Nitya tells Nayan that she is hurt because Nayan hid such a big truth from her and disappointed her. She tells Samrat that she is not angry on him as she doesn’t know him much and doesn’t have any expectations from him, but has expectations from her friend Nayan. She walks away sadly. Sam tells Nayan that she can’t hide the truth that she is not Satish but his wife and asks her to shift to London with him. Nayan asks what is he talking about. Sam asks if she is not his wife and Kashvi not his daughter, doesn’t he have any right to stay with his wife and daughter. Nayan says Satish’s family accepted her when she was alone and if she accompanies him, Kashvi’s life would be better but not Mahima, so she can’t leave Mahima alone here, etc.

Arjun and Mahima’s sangeet ceremony continues. Kids insist Nitya for a dance. Nitya agrees and says she will only if bride’s mother also dances with her. Kids say let’s have a face-off. Nitya challenges Nayan for a face-off. Nayan agrees on everyone’s insistence. Mahima thinks she is stuck here and should somehow walk aside and calls Pradyuman. Nitya and Nayan’s face off starts and they dance beautifully. Everyone clap for them after their performance. Nayan slips on stage. Arjun holds her and everyone rush to her concerned. Mahima escapes seeing Daadi’s attention towards Nayan. Daadi later notices Mahima missing and thinks where did she go.

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Mahima calls Pradyuman from Romila’s number and asks him to come and take her from there as she doesn’t want to marry Arjun. Pradyuman says he can’t come as Sam has locked him in a room. Mahima shouts at Sam and says she will send her cousin tomorrow who will unlock his room. Pradyuman says he lost respect for Sam, will elope and marry Mahima against Sam’s wish, etc. Daadi finds Mahima and asks what is she doing here. Mahima asks if she can’t go to washroom. Daadi takes her along. Mahima thinks soon she will get Nayan into humiliated state and take revenge from her.

Aruna’s sons Suraj and Pankaj misbehave with Mahima’s friend Veera and try to forcefeed her. Veera pushes Suraj away and warns him to stay away. Suraj angrily holds her. Kashvi reaches and gives him a tight slap. Pankaj tries to hit her for slapping his brother. Kashvi brutally trashes them both for misbehaving with girls. Aruna notices that and stops Kashvi. She drags Kashvi and creates as scene accusing Kashvi of brutally attacking her sons. Sam asks Kashv if she is fine. Kashvi says yes and tells Aruna if they need respect, they should learn to give respect; times have changed where groom’s family can’t get away after misbehaving with bride’s family. Aruna continues to shout and demands her brother to cancel the wedding.

Precap: Samrat and Nayan express their love for each other and hug. Romila records it. Kashvi is shocked to see Nayan and Samrat hugging each other.