Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Police arrests Arjun


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Arjun tells Kashvi as she didn’t like international hair style, now he has set her simple hair style and she is looking more beautiful in this. Manager comes there. Arjun asks how did you get inside my house and says my lawyers will talk to you. Kashvi says Arjun. Arjun says you could have lost your life due to his management, we wanted to make good memories, and what we got, we got bad memories. He says you was surprising us. Manager says horse’s condition is bad, may be he has problem in its heel and that’s why it got out of control. Kashvi asks him to get it treated and tell them about the expenses. Arjun says you could have lost your life. Kashvi says but the horse is innocent and couldn’t say what happened with it, so leave it. Arjun tells Manager that he is forgiving him, as his wife said. Manager says I will give your album in few days. Mahima hears them and thinks thank god, she is saved and her name didn’t come in this matter.

Arjun helps Kashvi and makes her wear earrings. Tu hai toh mujhe aur kya chahiye plays…….He ties waist band on her waist, and makes her wear bangles. Kashvi smiles and feels shy. Arjun says you are looking very beautiful. Kashvi smiles. Arjun says something is missing. Kashvi asks what? Arjun says I will tell you. He takes sindoor and fills her maang. Chahatein song plays….He holds her cheeks and kisses on her forehead. He keeps his head on her face to get the tika applied. Mahima thinks I can’t let them come closer, I have to do something to separate them. She recalls Kashvi talking about RJ health care pharma, and thinks she shall put her in trouble. She says she will call Police and will tell that the kids are serious because of Kashvi. She is about to call, when Dadi comes there and takes her phone and asks her to get ready for haldi, and says she don’t want anything wrong. Mahima asks her to return her phone and says you are hitler’s relative. Dadi says yes, I am…and asks her to get ready.

The haldi ritual begins. Romila goes to bring haldi. Arjun and Kashvi come there and sits. The guest lady praises Kashvi’s beauty. Arjun tells Kashvi that who made her get ready. He asks Dadi where is Haldi, as he wants to apply a bit of haldi to Kashvi. Chacha says it is Mahima’s haldi today. Arjun says our haldi couldn’t happen so that’s why. Romila says it is Mahima’s haldi so she will get haldi applied. She is coming there holding haldi plate, when Bijli collides with her, and Romila drops the haldi plate on the floor. The haldi falls on Arjun and Kashvi’s head and face. Arjun takes haldi from his face and applies to Kashvi’s face. Mahima scolds Romila what did you do, you can’t do any work properly. Romila blames Bijli. Kashvi says she will bring another bowl of haldi. Dadi asks them to go and clean the haldi, and says Romila will bring the another bowl. Arjun and Kashvi go from there. He says I truly wanted our haldi to be done, and God has fulfilled my wish. Kashvi says it is done and thanks him. He says I had said that haldi shall be done. Kashvi says we shall clean it, else we will look like cartoon. She takes tissue and tries to wipe haldi from his face. He looks at her. Kashvi asks why you are looking at me this way, if I am looking bad. Arjun says you are looking so beautiful that I couldn’t take off my eyes from you. Mahima gets jealous seeing them together.

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Dadi applies haldi to Mahima. Arjun tries to clean haldi from Kashvi’s face. Mahima thinks they are romancing infront of me and I can’t do anything. Dadi asks Kashvi to bring the chain kept in your room for Mohit. Kashvi comes out if the room and sees sweets box and fruits fallen down. She says Bijli, no masti..I will come back after giving chain to Dadi. She opens the cupboard. Bijli takes out a file. Kashvi says it is Arjun’s file. She reads that Arjun has bought RJ Pharma and thinks when and why he has brought it. Dadi says haldi is done and other rituals shall be done nicely. Nitya says it will be done well.

Police comes there and says we have come here for RJ health care case. Mahima thinks Police came by itself. Jagdish asks why did they come? Inspector says we have come here to arrest Arjun Bajwa, the company owner. Nitya says my son is not the company owner and says we are civil service officers, and says you can’t accuse our son. Jagdish says my son Arjun is working on bio gas project. Inspector says we have proof that he is the owner of the company, because of whom many kids are in danger. Nitya asks Arjun to say that he is not the owner. Kashvi says Arjun will not say anything, Inspector is right, he is the new owner. She shows the file to Nitya. Nitya and Jagdish get shocked. Kashvi asks Arjun why did he do this and asks him to say. Kashvi says it is my mistake, and says she is responsible for whatever happened to kids, and asks him to arrest her. Inspector says we know that the company has taken responsibility of the charges and that’s why we have to arrest him. Kashvi cries, as the Inspector takes Arjun with him.

Precap: Pradyuman sees Arjun’s arrest and says I will not come out of jail. Inspector tells Nitya and Jagdish that many kids lost their lives due to your son’s company and it is a big crime, and bail will not be granted. Kashvi asks Arjun, why did you do this? Arjun says I want to earn money and become rich. Nitya sees divorce papers and asks Kashvi if she is divorcing him. Kashvi signs yes. Arjun gets shocked.