Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun confronts Nitya


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Kashvi tells Arjun that today he lost all his respect in her sight and she is not interested to live with a double facet guy. She asks him not to show his face to her again. Dadi hears the news on TV that Nitya Bajwa is arrested for Samrat and Nayan Chaudhary’s murder. Kashvi comes there. Dadi asks what is it? Kashvi tells that Nitya has killed Maa and Papa, and also Dada ji. Dadi says she doesn’t believe. Kashvi says first even I didn’t believe, and says nobody has right to play with anyone’s lives. She says that’s why I said that we shall not lie, and says if we lie then we would have say 100’s lies. She says Nitya has done many crimes to hide her crimes. Dadi says she will never forgive Nitya for this. Kashvi tells that Aruna Bua’s last wish was that her last rites shall be done after she is proved innocent. She says Aruna Bua’s brother has the right to do her last rites, and says tomorrow I will meet Papa, will give him Aruna Bua’s letter.

Arjun comes to meet Nitya in the jail. Nitya says it is good that you came, and says Kashvi is trapping me big. Arjun says Kashvi said so much and said that she has proves also. He says he wants to know the truth from her. Nitya says you are asking your mother and this means you don’t trust me and trust Kashvi. Arjun says Kashvi told her truth and asks her to confess. Nitya says I didn’t kill anyone and asks him to trust her. Arjun says how much you will lie and says your son has trusted you always, and you broke it always. He says he is ashamed to be called as her son. He says I went to Commissioner’s office and saw all the proofs, and also saw your confession. He says you have killed Samrat, Nayan and Dadu also. He says I heard that Son can be wrong, but here Maa is Kumata, and tells that you have used me, and says I have thrown Kashvi out of the house because of you. He tells that he will apologize to Kashvi and goes. Nitya says she didn’t do it intentionally and asks him to stop.

Arjun comes home and tells Jagdish that Kashvi was right. He says he has seen all the proofs and also Mom’s confession. He says he didnt believe that she can do such a cheap thing. Jagdish regrets not to identify her. Mahima thinks Kashvi did right to expose Nitya, and says there is nobody to interfere between us. She says now Arjun and I will live happily, and his crores will be mine. She sees Kashvi standing and thinks what the hell, she is coming. Arjun sees Kashvi and holds her hands. kashvi takes back her hands. Arjun tells Kashvi that he has come to know everything and has realized that he can trust her for life.

Kashvi says you are not related to me now. She goes to Jagdish and says she wants to give Aruna Bua’s letter to him. She says Aruna Bua wanted the real murderer to be punished, and then only she wants me to get her last rites done. She says it is your right to do her last rites, and gives him letter. Jagdish says you have won, your good values and rules were right and we were wrong, Nitya is a murderer. Kashvi tells him that she wanted to give this letter to him. Jagdish goes to room. Kashvi is about to go, but Arjun asks her to give him a chance. Kashvi says you are best with whoever you are. Arjun says he really don’t remember what he has done. Kashvi says mahima is my sister, and says you was with her on the bed, and says you are guts to lie. Arjun says he has guts as he is saying truth. He says he doesnt know if it happened or not. He says I will tell you everything from start to end and asks her to trust him. Mahima thinks she can’t let him do this, and asked Arjun why he is saying this, and says you have confessed your love and feelings to me, and then only we had slept together. Arjun asks when? He goes behind Kashvi to stop her, but she slaps him hard and asks how dare you to touch me. She says what you will say that you was cheated. She says I got married to you, so that nobody raise finger on you when Mahima left you. She tells that she is not ok with husband affair and tells Arjun that he has broken her trust and accused her many times, but I used to think about you always and that you are right. She says she can’t fulfill this relation for long, and asks him to go away from her life. He says don’t say this. Kashvi says you said that day that you feel suffocated seeing me and says today I am suffocated seeing you, says she is done with him. She says they never had love between them and now friendship is also over because of him.

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Arjun cries badly and sits on the floor.

After a month. Arjun sees the divorce papers and tells Jagdish that Kashvi has signed the divorce papers and sent. He says nobody knows where is Kashvi? He says her lawyer and Mr. Chandra also dont know about her. He says I have hired private detective and even he couldnt find her. jagdish regrets asking him to leave Kashvi. Arjun says we did another mistake by trusting Mom, and says she has killed Samrat, Nayan and Dadu. He says tomorrow is her case last hearing. Jagdish says I hope Kashvi will return after her parents get justice. Arjun says Kashvi will come to the court surely. Jagdish says yes. Mahima hears them and thinks all her plan will be ruined. She says I spiked his soup and made him believe that he slept with me. She thinks what to do to become Mrs. Arjun Bajwa and thinks to take someone’s help in her plan.

Precap: The judge gives the verdict. Mahima pretends to faint and fall down. The doctor tells that she is pregnant (fake pregnancy). Arjun says he is the father when people confronts her. Kashvi gets informed that she is pregnant.