Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi in danger due to Mahima’s conspiracy


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kashvi tells Arjun that she doesn’t know if she shall get angry on him or beat him. Arjun asks her to get ready fast, as they have less time and says so much money is spent. Manager comes there and tells Kashvi that her costume is ready. Manager tells Arjun that boat couldn’t be arranged as there was confusion over dates. He says I have arranged something special for your photo shoot. Arjun says ok and goes to get ready. Mahima hears him and says he has done this for Kashvi, and says it will be memorable for her, but not beautiful, she will scared and hurt, and for that I have to do something. She asks the Manager’s assistant about the arrangement. The guy refuses to tell her. She threatens to do his negative publicity on social media. The guy says no and tells that we have brought horse for their photo shoot. She asks where is that horse and threatens him again. The guy takes her to the horse. She asks the horse keeper about the horse. He tells that horse is really nice. Mahima thinks she has to do something to fail Arjun’s plan and to harm Kashvi. She asks if I can feed it something.

He says you can make him have chana kept there. Mahima says ok. She takes out the medicine from her gown and mixes it in the Chana. She then feeds the horse, and thinks it is good that Sunshine is having it, it will be out of control when Kashvi sits on it, and will make her fall down, she will get hurt, and she might die, it is more better. She says once she dies, then Arjun will be mine. Manager asks Arjun not to worry and says we have done all the arrangements nicely. Arjun says I am worried if my wife likes the arrangements and says I just hope that she likes my plan and surprise. Kashvi comes there. Chahatein song plays…..Kashvi comes there wearing the gown. Arjun smiles seeing her. He says hi Kashu….and says you are looking very…..She asks if I should have tie this (Tiara). He says you are looking very beautiful. Manager says you are looking beautiful and this will be the best photo shoot. Kashvi thanks him. Arjun tells him something. Manager goes. Kashvi asks what did he tell him, that he left. Arjun asks her to have some patience. Kashvi thinks why Arjun is not telling me. Arjun asks if she heard music. She says no. The song plays… Tu hai toh mujhe phir kya chahiye..Arjun holds her hand and dances with her. Manager comes there and says you have ordered this. He gives him kajal. Arjun tells Kashvi that he had gone to bring this, and says you was looking so beautiful that I was scared that someone’s bad sight may fall on you, and that’s why this kala tika. He applies kala tika to her. Kashvi thanks him. Mahima is jealous that Arjun gifted her more costly dress than her. She says I have set everything and recalls asking Manager’s guy to make sure that Kashvi sits on this horse first, and shouts at him when the guy says that both will sit. She then asks him to do as she says, and don’t tell anyone about this. fb ends. She says horse will get mad, and Kashvi will fall in the valley.

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The guy goes to Manager and says that photographer wants to take kashvi’s shots with the horse first. Arjun says ok and asks Kashvi to go. Kashvi comes to the horse and says it is very beautiful. The house keeper says you have to sit on it and asks her not to be scared, and touch her. The guy asks her to sit on it. The horse keeper asks her to sit. Kashvi sits on the horse. Photo grapher asks everyone to move and says you are very comfortable, and says few more photos. The horse gets mad and jumps. Arjun asks Manager to tell about his surprise. Manager says we called the horse for the shoot. Arjun gets shocked, realizing his dream might come true. He scolds Manager and runs to the photo shoot place. The horse jumps like it was in his dreams. He gets shocked. The horse runs away with Kashvi on it. Arjun tries to stop the horse and comes infront of it, but the horse runs. Arjun and others run behind the horse. Kashvi asks him to save her. Mahima comes there and gets happy to see horse running away with Kashvi. Arjun and Manager leave in the car to chase the horse. Mahima thinks the work is done. The guy asks Mahima why did she ask him to get Kashvi’s photo shoot done. Mahima blames him and says if anything happens to my sister, then I will file case against you all. Mohit comes there and says I would have went with Arjun to bring Kashvi. Mahima scolds the guy and asks him to go.

Kashvi asks sunshine to stop. Arjun asks the driver to drive car fast. Kashvi turns and sees him. He tells Manager that he will not leave him if anything happens to Kashvi. He asks Kashvi to give her hand to him, while he is standing on the car. She tries to give her hand to him, but horse goes to the kutcha way. Arjun gets down from the car and runs behind the horse. The horse comes on the road again.

Precap: Arjun keeps the wooden logs on the way of the horse. Pradyuman asks Girish, how did he become owner of RJ healthcare pharma. Girish says when I came to know then I also got shocked. Pradyuman says see how I will use this news. Arjun tries to stop the horse. The horse makes Kashvi falls down. Kashvi faints. Arjun shouts Kashvi.