Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun surprises Kashvi


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Mahima telling Kashvi that Arjun made her feel special as she is his first love and it is always special. Bijli comes there and barks holding Mahima’s clothes. Mahima says it bite me and says either this dog will stay here or I will stay here. Arjun comes there. Mahima says this dog has bitten me. Arjun smiles and says you shall get 14 injections now in your somach. Mahima refuses to take injection. Kashvi says he is joking. Mahima asks her to throw the dog out. Kashvi says Bijli will stay here. Mahima goes out. Arjun takes bijli in his hand and says I thought you as my enemy, but you attacked my enemy Mahima and bite her. Kashvi thinks it is difficult to understand me, sometimes I feel he wants to move on with me, and sometimes I feel that he is giving more importance to Mahima, and thinks whom he loves, Mahima or me? Arjun gets some flashes in his dream and sees the girl falling down from the horse, and wakes up shouting Kashvi. He realizes it was a bad dream, and gets shocked thinking it is morning dream, and it might come true. He looks for Kashvi and calls her name.

Kashvi is outside in the hall. Mahima talks to the men about the designs. Romila runs to Kashvi and says Arjun has kept big photo shoot with Mahima, and says she is getting tears due to happiness. Mahima asks her to cry and says happy tears shall not happen. She says she is very happy, as a very big farmhouse is booked for her photo shoot, and says mountain and greenery is beside it, and tells that Arjun couldn’t see me crying and planned this photo shoot. She says he said that I shall not worry for the money and can spend any amount. Arjun comes there and asks Kashvi if she is fine. He says he got worried, as she was not in the room. Kashvi says I can’t sleep till late like you and has to go to office. She goes upset due to Mahima. Mahima holds Arjun’s hand and says thank you for making me feel special. Arjun says Kashvi is upset and that’s why I have to go, and asks her to thank Kashvi as he is doing this for her. Mahima thinks he has to return to him, as she gets what she wants.

Arjun asks Kashvi if she is not happy with Mahima’s photo shoot and functions. Kashvi says I wanted it, but not at grand level, and says why you are spending blindly. She asks why did I bring Bijli here? She says so that I can make you understand responsibility. Arjun says you had only said that if Maa and Papa would have been alive then? Kashvi says they would have done the marriage grand, but within a limit. She says you had bought bag of 4 lakhs Rs, but what happened with it. Arjun says Bijli ruined it. Kashvi says you know that Mahima is stubborn is due to family, and says what is your need to fulfill her stubbornness. Arjun thinks I can’t tell you, that I am doing this for you, and it is actually our photo shoot. Kashvi asks him to say. Arjun says I am a grown up guy and asks her not to teach him, how to spend his money, as he is not a child. Kashvi says ok, do whatever you want, I will not say a word.

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She turns to go, asks him to leave her dupatta. She turns to see Bijli holding her dupatta. Arjun smiles and says wah Bijli, I thought you as enemy, but you are my real friend, and asks it to be with him. Kashvi says I brought you here, love and supported you, and you are supporting him. She says ok, be with him and says she is going. Arjun says you have to return to me eventually. He goes with Bijli.

Girish comes to Pradyuman and tells that he has a shocking news, and says RJ Pharma company’s owner is changed, and says the new company is KB company which has bought it, and tells that this company has kept the owner’s name as secret, and says he couldn’t get more info. Pradyuman asks him to find out more, and asks what owner will get by buying a dead company. Girish says ok and goes.

Kashvi comes to the office. A colleague asks if she is fine. Kashvi says I am fine. Jagdish comes there and asks Kashvi to come with him, and says you have to come with me to Nirmana lawn field. Kashvi says Chandra sir asked me to see these files. Jagdish says I have informed him already and asks her to come with him. Kashvi and Jagdish leave from office.

Mahima gets the photo shoot done and comes to Arjun, asking how is she looking? Arjun says you shall ask your would be husband. Mahima gets upset. Mohit comes there and praises Mahima’s looks. Arjun thinks to ask Papa, if he left with Kashvi. Mahima asks Mohit to hold her closely. She wants to see Arjun. She then asks him to kiss her on her cheeks. Mohit kisses on her cheeks. Arjun ignores her. Mahima asks Mohit to kiss on her lips. Arjun asks the Manager if all the set up is ready. Manager says just as Kashvi madam comes, we will give her dress, and your photo shoot is in the lake, on the boat. Arjun gets happy. He gets Jagdish’s call and goes to pick Kashvi happily. Mahima pushes Mohit and asks what is he going? Mohit says you had only asked. Mahima makes an excuse. Kashvi sees Arjun and asks Jagdish what is happening. Jagdish says he will park the car and come, and asks her to go. Kashvi gets down and asks Arjun what Papa is doing. He says Papa is doing this for me, and us, he is my best friend. He says he has a big surprise for her, and gives her flower….and says he has planned this photo shoot for her. He says we know how our marriage happened, so I attempted this photo shoot to make some good memories. Kashvi asks really? Arjun says yes, we will make good memories slowly, and calls her partner for life. Kashvi says that’s why Papa brought me here. Arjun says even Chandra sir is involved.

Precap: Mahima tells that the photo shoot will be memorable for Kashvi, but not beautiful. She says just as Kashvi sit on the horse, it will go to the valley and then she will be out from my life forever. Arjun gets shocked seeing the horse getting mad while Kashvi is sitting on it, same as he saw in dream. Mahima smiles, as the horse runs away with Kashvi.