Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan Expels Khuranas Out of Khurana Mansion


Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rudra tells Digvijay that he built his house with his hard work and with Preesha’s support, he can build 10 similar house and hence he doesn’t a miser Digvijay’s help. He walks out of Pihu’s room holding Preesha’s hand. Preesha packs her bags. Sharda walks to Preesha and says a person doesn’t become big not by age but by experience. She apologizes Preesha for not trusting her and says every time she scolded Preesha, she herself felt really bad. Preesha says she always considered her as her mother and says she should apologise her instead for not informing her truth in fear of not getting back her son. They both hug each other emotionally.

Next morning, Khuranas walk down the living room with their bags to leave Khurana mansion. Sharda says a house is where family stays, their togetherness is important for them and not the house. Armaan back to his normal self watches them with Digvijay and Pihu. Khuranas recall the quality moments spent in their house. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They walk out of the house. Armaan thinks Rudra and Preesha are proud of their love, he will see where will they stay and how will they feed themselves with just love.

Saransh asks Rudra where will they stay now. Roohi says they will stay in a hotel for a few days and then buy a new house. Preesha says they can’t stay in a hotel as they don’t have money. Roohi asks if Armaan uncle took all the money, where will they stay now. Raj walks in and says they will go to his house. Rudra asks who informed him about their issue. Pihu walks to them and says she informed Raj as a repentence for her sins and requests Rudra to forgive him. Raj says he has a small house in a nearby basti/locality and takes them there. Rudra asks where will Raj stay. Raj says he most of the time is on tour, so they can stay here till they want to. Rudra asks how to repay his favor. Raj asks him to hug him once and leaves.

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Rudra family enter house. Saransh and Roohi say its too small and untidy. Rudra and Preesha say their heart is big and they can make this their dearest house by starting the cleaning first. They clean the house and cheer themselves up. During dinner, Armaan notices Pihu sitting silent and asks if she is thinking about Rudra and Preesha, he is sure they will return seeking help and would face unimaginable situations and will beg even for food.

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